10 Useful Life Hacks That Can Save You Time

Tired of wasting time? Instead of simply wishing there were more hours in the day, join Beauty and Tips as we take a look at 10 useful life hacks that can save you time.

If you asked people what they’d like to have more of, the chances are that two things would instantly spring to mind: Time and money. Both are precious commodities. But while more money can be a bit tricker to accrue, saving yourself more time is often as simple as getting a bit clever. It’s what all the people who are succeeding at life are doing. They’ve figured out how to get the most out of their 24 hours each day. They don’t waste any time, but instead implement life hacks that help them to cut corners and get more stuff done. And now you can too. Let’s take a look at 10 useful life hacks that can save you time.

Get Up Earlier

We’ll start with the most obvious life hack – which is also the most difficult to implement for many of us! It might seem obvious that getting out of bed earlier will help to save you time … but then, why aren’t you already waking up earlier?! Many of us need a really good reason to commit to something like getting up earlier on our day’s off. For you, getting up earlier means that you have more time to get stuff done.

If you make a start on your chores as early as first thing in the morning (after a hearty breakfast, of course), you’re winning. There will be less stress in your day, and more free time to do the things you really want to do. Who knows? You might find the time to reconnect with your passions or start that business you’ve always talked about.

Disable Your Social Media Profiles

You don’t need to be super dramatic and actually delete your social media profiles. But you could temporarily disable for the time-being and see how things go. As you surely know, social media takes up SO much of our time. And how much of it is productive? Hardly any. We can literally spend hours at a time just mindlessly scrolling through our Facebook newsfeed and commenting on silly pictures. Why do we do it when there are things to be done?! If you can’t resist the temptation of checking your social media profiles, disable them for now and see how much time you save.

Plan Your Meals In Advance

What inevitably happens when we don’t plan our meals in advance? Wednesday swings around and we waste 30 minutes or more deciding what to have. Planning your meals is an amazing life hack that saves you SO much time.

Listen To Podcasts On The Way To Work

Commuting to work can often be the biggest waste of time for many of us. Once we get stuck in a traffic jam, that’s it! We have to spend the next hour or so groaning in frustration. It’s such a waste. A good, time saving life hack is to make the most of all that spare time you have by listening to your favourite podcasts – as opposed to waiting until you get home to listen. If you don’t already listen to a podcast, find one that you think you’d enjoy and check it out. Podcasts can be entertaining and educational, teaching us new skills that could prove useful at a later date.

Prepare The Night Before

Sure, you need your beauty sleep, especially if you’ve got a big day tomorrow. But to give yourself an advantage and save time, it’s important that you properly prepare the night before. Failure to prepare can lead to time-wasting errors, and it also means that you’ll probably need to spend some time the next day preparing anyway. More time wasted!

When we prepare with a plan of action and a schedule, we’re ready to tackle tasks head-on, and we know exactly what needs to be done. It alleviates stress and saves us time – great life hack. Bingo!

Take Naps

Naps are a lot of successful peoples’ secret weapon? If you think the world’s top performers, athletes, entrepreneurs and so on don’t take naps, you’d be mistaken. These guys and girls know the power of taking 20 minute cat naps in the late afternoon. While you might think that a 20-minute nap is losing you time, the renewed energy you gain for the rest of the day makes up for it. While everyone is fatigued and falling asleep in front of the TV at 10PM, those who nap are still crushing it.

So a good life hack is to take naps for more energy and therefore more time to get stuff done.

Combine Calls With Exercise

Got a Skype call tonight with a friend or a client that you just know is going to go on and on? Why not use the time while you’re on the call to do some exercise? Perhaps you could lift weights or get on the treadmill. It’s not rude at all – it’s just a great life hack to save some time!

Do Stuff During Meals

Similarly, why not use your meal time to fire off a few more tasks? Make a call, send off some emails. Get a few small tasks done so that you don’t have to do them later.

Ask For Help

Struggling with a project? Can’t do everything yourself? If you’re losing time because you’ve taken on too much, don’t be afraid of reaching out to others and asking for help. Chances are that your friends and family actually want to help you.

Schedule Some Procrastination Time

You will procrastinate at some point. We all will! It’s largely unavoidable. But rather than fighting it and letting procrastination eat up our time, simply pen some downtime in your schedule for cat videos, Facebook and so on.

Successful people tend to work hard for 30 minutes before taking 5-10 minute breaks, during which they get cat videos out of their system. Maybe you could follow this life hack, and strictly limit your procrastinating to 5/10 minute spots here and there.

What are your favorite life hack that can save time?

Stay happy!

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