10 Useful life hacks every girl needs to know

Life is complicated enough, without having to deal with all the minor problems and annoyances too. That’s why we love sharing little tips, tricks and useful life hacks that can make life just a tiny bit simpler. From how to find your keys, to how to check your bra fits; every trick and tip you can find could save you a few precious minutes, so read these ten great life hacks that every girl will find useful to know.

1. Use nail polish to make easier to find keys

If you have a drawer filled with keys and can never find the key that you want in a hurry, paint the ends of the keys with different colours of nail polish and you will never be hunting for keys again, or having to try them all out until you find the one that fits the lock.

2. Stop necklace tangles with a straw

Have you ever wondered why, no matter how tidy you put them away, necklaces are always tangled up when you get them out again? Well, we can’t solve the mystery of why it happens, but we have got a useful life hack that can help stop it from happening. Thread one side of the necklace chain through a drinking straw and it won’t get tangled up with itself, or with other necklaces.

3. Iron hems with a hair straightener

Hair straighteners are just the right size and shape for ironing the creases out of hems and the collars of shirts. Just run the straightening iron straight along a hem, and the creases will be smoothed right out, no problem at all.

4. Use clear nail polish to stop jewellery staining your fingers

Here is another one of simple life hacks that can be useful: if you have a favourite ring that you love to wear, but it always leaves a green mark on your finger, paint the inside of the ring with some clear nail polish and that will stop the stains. You can also use the same trick on metal canisters like hairspray and deodorant. If you paint the underside of those with clear nail polish, it will stop those nasty orange circles appearing on your bathroom counter tops.

5. Break in flats with a blow dryer

When you first wear a new pair of flats they can pinch and rub and may even cause blisters. Instead of going through the pain of breaking them in like that, when you get them home, put on a pair of thick socks, squeeze your feet into the new shoes and then heat them up with your blow dryer. That will stretch them a bit and mould them perfectly to the shape of your feet.

6. Organise bobby pins and tweezers with magnetic strip

Bobby pins always tend to disappear down the backs of drawers, so keep them tidy and close to hand by fitting a small magnetic strip in your bathroom. You can then keep anything metallic neatly and tidily, including tweezers, nail clippers and scissors.

7. Organise handbags with curtain hooks

Our next life hack can be useful for all fashionistas out there: there is no need to have your handbag collection all in a jumble at the bottom of your closet, you can organise them neatly with some curtain hooks. Buy some large curtain hooks from a DIY store and you can hang your bags and purse in a neat row from the pole in your closet. It makes it much easier to see them and to choose which one you want for the day.

8. Find out what clothes you don’t wear by turning around the hangers.

Everyone has clothes in their closet they never wear and they are just taking up valuable space. To find out which clothes you never wear, turn all the hangers the other way round and then, as you replace the clothes in your closet around the right way, you will slowly weed out the ones you never wear.

9. Deodorise shoes with baking soda

Anyone’s shoes can get a bit smelly, especially when you wear flats with no socks. If you sprinkle a little bit of baking soda in your shoes on the evenings, it will kill off the bacteria that cause foot odour and they will smell fresh again by the next morning. The other simple rule to follow to avoid foot odour, is to never wear the same pair of shoes for two days in a row.

10. How to test if your bra fits you properly?

Here is another one of useful life hacks: to test if your bra still fits you properly, insert two fingers into the back of it. If you can get two fingers under the band, then it fits just right, but any more than that and it’s too loose.

What are your favourite life hacks?

Stay beautiful!

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