10 Tips on how to make your commute more productive

For most people, the daily commute to work is nothing more than a boring waste of time. Whether you drive into work, or you take a train, it’s still the same old frustrating journey day after day. The one good thing that has happened to the daily commute over recent years is the advent of smart phones and tablets, which means that there are now more options available for you to occupy your time. Drivers are a still a bit limited in what they can do, but at least if travel by public transport, you can get online and get something productive done. So, rather than stare out the window all the way to work, take a look at these ten ways that you can make your commuting time more productive.

1. Get some shut-eye

Getting some sleep may not sound like a productive way to spend your time, but if you are one of the many who has to get up in the early hours to catch the first train, you will know how draining those long days can be. Don’t be afraid to take an inflatable pillow on your commute and get forty winks on the way to work if you need it.

2. Create your to-do list for the day

With or without an electronic device, you can make a list of what you need to do during the day. Make it more than just a list of tasks, though, make it a list of what you aim to achieve. Things like; what you will do to get you step closer to that promotion, or what you are going to say at that meeting to get yourself noticed.

3. Catch up on the news

Staying abreast of current affairs can be made to be more than just time filler. Look up the latest news in your industry, or subscribe to trade journals so that you can impress your bosses with all your up to date info. It will help you to keep one step ahead of your colleagues at work.

4. Go through your inbox

Wouldn’t it be nice to get to work and be able to get straight down to work. You may not be in the mood to deal with tricky correspondence at 5.00am, but at least you could filter out all the junk in your inbox and get things organised by level of priority. It will save you that half an hour of wasted time when you first sit down at your desk.

5. Learn something new

If you really don’t feel like tackling work on your commute, how does learning a new skill sound? You could learn a language, follow a correspondence course, or just read a book. If you drive into work, then there are audio books and podcasts that you could listen to.

6. Update your social networks

The time that you spend commuting is the ideal time to catch up on your social networking sites. The chances are that your friends and work mates will be doing the same thing, so you could have an online chat with them. It could be the time to do a bit of productive online networking too, and check out what’s been going happening on your LinkedIn profile.

7. Check how you are doing against your goals

If you haven’t yet made a list of your goals and ambitions, then now is the time to do it. Be ambitious and set your sights high and then use the commute time to assess how close you are to achieving those goals. There is no point making up a list of dreams and then just filing it away. Take a look at it during our commute, see what progress you have made, and decide on what needs to be done next to bring those dreams closer to coming true.

8. Make new friends

Are you one of the many people who sees the same faces on the train every day but never talks to anyone?  Start saying hi to people and try and get a conversation going. You will make new friends, it will alleviate the boredom, and you might make some useful new business contacts too.

9. Make a few phone calls

This is one of the few things that can go on this list that is easier to do when you are driving. So long as you have a hands free phone in your car, you can make a few early calls. Even if the person is not available you can leave a voice message for them to pick up later.

10. Just let your thoughts wander

You don’t have to be ultra-efficient on your commute of you don’t want to. You could just sit back, listen to some music and let your mind wander. If you can block out all the distractions around you, your commute time can be the perfect time to just get some time to yourself.

Stay happy!

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