10 Tips On How To Fit More Into Your Day

Running out of time each day to get everything done? Feeling stressed because your chores are running into tomorrow? In this article, Beauty and Tips help to streamline your schedule with 10 tips on how to fit more into your day.

In 2017, many of us seem to be busier than ever before. Yet despite having more to do, we still have to complete it all in the same amount of hours.

You’d think God would have added an extra hour onto each day by now! Help a girl out, God!

But, no. We have more to do, but we still have the same amount of time.

Some people might argue that it’s our fault for taking on too much stuff. And this might be true. But if you want to stay productive, it sometimes follow that you need to stay on top of a lot of stuff.

Cramming more into your day can easily be done. There are tips, tricks and hacks that can turn you into Mary Poppins! Let’s take a look at 10 of them.

Do It Right This Minute

Just received an email but don’t feel like replying just yet?

“I’ll reply soon,” you say as you sit back and switch over the TV channel.

Stop doing this. The minute you’ve got a chance to reel off a quick, easy task, just do it. Otherwise these small tasks will just build and build.

Disable Your Social Media Accounts

You might think this one sounds a tad drastic.

“Wow! All I wanted was a bit more time to do more stuff. Why do I need to be all dramatic and vanish from Facebook?!”

When you put it like that, it does sound a bit dramatic! But it isn’t – not really.

Remember, you’re only disabling your profile. You’re not actually deleting it. And people will understand if you tell them you’re temporarily disabling it so that you can get more stuff done.

“Yeah, you’re right. I see what you mean. I spend way too much time on social media too.”

We all do! The Internet is a time-zapper, and Facebook is the main offender. Just think about how many hours you’ve lost as you’ve mindlessly flicked through your newsfeed. Disable your accounts and see how much time you save.

Double Up

We’re not massive fans of multitasking at Beauty and Tips, as some of our articles show. But there are times when you can do two things at the same time without losing out.

For example, whenever you’re stuck in traffic, use the time wisely. Maybe you could fire off a few emails, listen to a podcast, or even work on a business idea.

And the next time you’re on a really long phone call? Lift some weights!

These are just a few ideas. Be creative and come up with a few more.

Take A 20 Minute Cat Nap

It might sound counter productive to take a cat nap. After all, aren’t you losing 20 minutes here?

You’ll get it back later in the day when you’re usually tired and ready to quit. A twenty-minute cat nap is enough to refuel you so that you can get more done before the day is out.

Plan Your Weekly Meals In Advance

Ever returned home from work without a clue about what you’re going to cook? Many of us have. We spend ages wondering what to make, and it’s a real time killer.

And what about when you return home from work and find you have no food in the house? You now have to head out again to buy stuff. What a waste of time!

This doesn’t need to happen if you plan your weekly meals in advance. It’s really easy to do, too. Just make a list at the start of each week of what you need to buy and what you want to eat.

To save even more time, eat the same meals often. Have the same thing for breakfast and dinner. It will save you lots of time!

Say No To People

Want a really easy-peasy way of freeing up more time? Learn to say No to people more often!

Write Out A To-Do List The Night Before

Just like you should plan your meals in advance, you should try to prepare a to-do list the night before.

To-do lists are really helpful, because they help you to prioritise your tasks while identifying low-value tasks that you don’t actually need to do. They also give your day some direction so that you know exactly what needs doing.

Create A Schedule

Procrastination prevents us from squeezing as much into our day as possible. We’re sure you know what we mean by this. Procrastination creeps up on all of us, and it can really take huge bites out of our day. Before we know it, we’ve spent a whole hour procrastinating.

An easy way of kicking procrastination to the curb is by scheduling your day.

Without a schedule, you won’t necessarily know what needs doing and when it needs doing. As a consequence, you can relax, take it easy – and procrastinate.

When you have a schedule, you’re more inclined to get stuff done because you can see on paper that, if you procrastinate and don’t work, your tasks will pile up.

It’s often only when we make a schedule that we’re determined to get stuff done on time and meet deadlines. If we don’t, we can see how congested our day and week will become.

Make Snap Decisions

How many times have you hesitated before making a decision?

Successful people save heaps of time by making snap, instant decisions. That’s what you need to start doing.

Wake Up Earlier

This sounds like such a simple time-saving trick on paper. But the reality of it is that many of us find it hard to get up earlier. We love our beds too much, and the thought of getting up earlier to work makes us resentful.

This is why you need to change your mindset.

First of all, you’re not working. You’re getting stuff done so that you’ll have less stress and more free time. Moreover, you’ll also feel really accomplished.

Secondly, getting up earlier automatically makes you feel ready to seize the day once you’re out of bed. You’re refreshed and motivate, and you will be happy that you can now fit more stuff into your day.

Stay happy!

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