10 Things In Your Handbag That Could Save Your Day

If you never want to be caught short again, put these ten things in your handbag.

We pretty much all carry a handbag around with us. Guys might think it annoys us, but the reality is that our handbag contains all our daily essentials: Our cell phone, our bank cards, spare money, our passport, his baseball ticket, and even some lipstick.

And where else are we going to keep all this stuff? In our back pocket with a used Reece wrapper like a guy would? No, thank you!

Our handbag is a lifesaver. Not only that, but handbags look kinda cool (though they are awkward when you’re trying to have a dance!).

But have you ever thought about the things you’re not currently putting in your handbag which could potentially save your day? Yup, unforeseen emergencies happen. And when you, for example, lose your car keys in the middle of winter that leaves you stranded in another town, you’re not going to be too happy!

Let’s take a look at the 10 things in your handbag that could save your day.

Spare Car Keys

Picture the scene: It’s winter. There’s snow. Lots of it. Your boyfriend has dragged you halfway across town to buy him the latest video game. You were driving.

You’ve bought the game and are rushing back to the car, gusts of icy wind blowing in your face. He’s loitering behind, reading the back cover of his new game.

You get to the car, fumble in your bag with your frozen, bulbous fingers for your keys – but can’t find them. Cold and frustrated, you tip the contents out onto the white asphalt – no keys!!

You feel like screaming. It’s a nightmare. All the while, your boyfriend is acting out some scene from the game.

Situations like this don’t need to happen ever again if you always carry spare keys with you in your handbag. Once you start doing this, it will become a habit. Why wouldn’t you carry spare car keys in your handbag? It’s just common sense.

Chap Stick

Dry lips happen. And they hurt.

Safety Pins

Will you ever need to use a safety pen? It will be rare. But how many time has a smoke alarm saved your life at home? Probably not even once. But it’s good to know that it’s there.

Safety pins come in handy when you lose a button. And, although that doesn’t happen often, it does happen from time to time.

And imagine if it happened just before an important meeting or an interview in a really embarrassing position? Awkward.

A Pen

The amount of times we’ve been stopped by someone and asked to fill something in but haven’t got a pen.

Or what about the time we needed to jot something down, be it a phone number or a registration plate, or even an idea but didn’t have a pen?

Pens are super useful. Yes, we have smartphones now. But smartphones can’t help you fill in an unexpected document or form.

Let’s say you have to sign something, too. Maybe you’re at the airport and have to sign some immigration paper. Without a pen of your own, you have to sheepishly ask someone else or hold everyone up. Not cool.


If you carry band-aids in your handbag, you’ll probably feel like a super mom every time someone in your squad gets injured. You’ll be the one who always comes to the rescue!

Band aids are super useful, and we can’t understand why more women don’t include them in their handbag. They literally take up no room at all, and stop fresh cuts from getting infected.

And cuts happen all the time. Whether you slice your finger on a sheet of paper, or whack your bare shin against a sharp-edged table, cuts happen.

Dental Floss

We know what you’re thinking: “That’s gross!”

Actually, it’s kinda more gross if you don’t floss.

Flossing is just basic hygiene, and yet it’s something so many of us just don’t think to include in our handbags. We go away on trips, take long train journeys, go on dates, and put up with food trapped in our teeth and potentially bad breath.

Why put up with all that when a simple trip to the bathroom with floss can clear it all up in seconds?

The great thing about dental floss is that it takes up barely any room at all in your handbag.


As well as dental floss, mints are also important for your mouth. What if you eat something for lunch that’s lingered on your breath? You’re already in the office, ready for a meeting … oh no!

Include mints in your handbag to make sure your breath always smells fresh.

Wet Wipes

Your mom or grandma probably used to have wet wipes in her handbag when you were a child. Maybe back then you couldn’t understand why. However, it should make a whole lot more sense to you now: Your mom was hygienic and didn’t want to transfer germs to her food.

We all get caught in a situation where we’re faced with finger food but haven’t washed our hands. Worse still, we know that our hands aren’t clean. With horror, we think back to sweaty Bob from HR who shook our hands not ten minutes ago. With more horror, we think back to that sticky door handle we touched an hour ago. What was that?

Wet wipes save the day, and they’re for all occasions. And if your friends make fun of you, offer them one. We guarantee they’ll take it.


We know of at least one thing that your mom or grandma didn’t have in their handbags – a USB flash drive!

This item is for the modern woman who just never knows when she’ll need to transfer data.

Keep your USB in your handbag when you leave the house. A) You’ll always know where it is. And B) You never know when you’ll need it.

Phone Charger

They never had a phone charger, either. Make sure you don’t get stuck in a different city with 3% battery ever again!

Stay happy!

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