10 Amazing Shortcuts To Accumulate More Wisdom And Save More Time

Thought you had to spend hours upon hours with your nose stuck in a boring book to grow your knowledge base? Think again. As it turns out, there are super fast shortcuts to accumulating more wisdom that will save you lots and lots of time.

Not only do you not have to spend hours upon hours with your nose in a boring book to acquire more wisdom, you also don’t need to go to University for three years. Neither do you have to pay a lot of money. In fact, you can learn everything you need to know by employing a few hacks that easily fit into your everyday life.

Wisdom is important. Like the American investor Warren Buffet once said, the more we learn, the more we earn. It’s so true.

But wisdom doesn’t have to be the means to such an end. Wisdom can also be incredibly fulfilling in other ways. It enriches our lives, empowers us, and when used right it can help us to foster better relationships, boost our health, and even change the world.

If you’re short on time, let’s take a look at 10 amazing shortcuts to accumulate more wisdom and save more time.

Read In Bed

Ever slip into bed a few minutes before you actually intend to fall asleep? Many of us do. We turn on the TV, get comfortable, and watch a movie or a piece of light entertainment.

Sometimes, we’ll just drift off to sleep with the television still on.

Why not use this time in bed before you sleep doing something a bit more productive, such as reading a book or watching an educational video? Spending just twenty minutes or so before you sleep reading can is a good idea because it’s during sleep that our memories tighten together. This means that we have a better chance of remembering that what we learned just before we fell asleep than anything we learned throughout the day.

Ask Questions

During your quest for wisdom, there will come times when it’s much easier to just ask someone you KNOW has the answer than spend time searching for it in a book.

Asking questions is something we all need to do more of. Children ask questions all the time. It’s because they’re curious about the world around them and want to know more.

You can do the same. Find someone who’s an authority in a particular subject and ask them. Having something explained to you is such an easy, quick way to gain more wisdom.

Get Up Earlier

Wakey-wakey! If you’re the kind of person who enjoys lying in bed until just before you definitely have to get up, you might want to think about rising a tad earlier.

Getting up 30 minutes before your usual time gives you the chance to get some quality learning in before your day begins properly.

30 minutes might not seem like a lot, but it’s more than enough. By doing a bit of studying first thing in the morning, you’re getting your mind all fired up and switched on. This is not only great for gaining more wisdom, but it also sets the tone for the rest of your day. You’re awake, you’re gaining knowledge, and you’re ready to seize the day.

Join Forums

If you want knowledge on a particular subject, a good idea is to join a forum related to it. You don’t need to post just yet. Just read the comments made by others. Absorb their knowledge. Let them be your tutors.

Underline Passages In Books

You won’t remember everything you read the first time around, and neither do you have the time to keep going back and re-reading the whole book. Underline passages which really speak to you as you read through a book. Then, as you go back through the book, just read and absorb the underlined passages.

What you’re doing is taking the core message out of the book and ignoring the fluff. Saves you so much time!

Listen To Audio Books In The Car

Fed up of getting stuck in traffic on your morning commute to work? We all are.

Maybe you usually listen to the morning radio or a CD accompanied to beeping car horns and angry drivers. It’s not a good way to start the day.

Traffic jams can last what seems like forever. So why not start using your time more productively by listening to an audio book on your way to work?

This is a great way to fill in the time that you would otherwise spend cursing the traffic. It keeps your mind active and focused, and helps you to accumulate wisdom easily and quickly.

Listen To Podcasts While Cooking

What do you usually do while you cook? From now on, you could listen to educational podcasts while you prepare you meals.

Cooking itself can by very therapeutic. But it can also take up valuable time you could be using more productively. This is indeed one of the reasons some people prefer not to cook. It just takes up more time.

By combining cooking with learning, you’re winning at life.

Just be careful not to get so intently focused on your podcast that you burn your fingers. Ouch!

Learn During Lunch

We like to wind down during our lunch breaks and cool off. The last thing we want to do is more work.

But it’s not really more work when you’re learning for your own benefit.

Anyone who started their own business while working a 9-5 job for someone else knew would quite literally have no time at all to work on their business unless they were prepared to use gaps in their schedule – such as lunch – to do some learning. And that’s just what you can do.

Take a book or a podcast to work with you, and accumulate some wisdom as you eat.

Cut Down On That Which Adds No Value To Your Life

One of the reasons we don’t always grow our knowledge base as much as we’d like is that we get caught in the trap of filling our daily schedules with meaningless things that add no value to our lives.

We spend ten minutes at a time flicking through social media. We get stuck watching an old 90’s sitcom on TV. We Google cat videos and literally can’t stop watching them.

Identify the things that are costing you a lot of time, eliminate them, and then use that time to do more learning.

Stay happy!

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