10 Productive things to do on the internet

Tired of spending your time on the Internet just listlessly flicking through more cat videos, memes and the same statuses from your friends on Facebook that you read through just ten minutes ago.

We’ve all been there. After an hour spent on the Internet doing literally nothing except googling memes and tagging people on Facebook, you can feel very upset with yourself.

“Where did all that time go?” you ask while looking at a meme you just spent twenty minutes carefully making of a dog eating pizza.

Oh – that’s where all the time went.

“But, hey, it was funny!” you protest.

Sure, it’s funny. But as you full well know, it’s also a total waste of your time.

The Internet can be wildly entertaining, but it can also be a pretty disastrous way for us to waste yet another day. It’s just too easy to switch our phones on and search random things.

But the Internet can also be remarkably useful and interesting. It’s also a fantastic well of information and knowledge, and it CAN boost your productivity if you use it in the right way.

Forget Facebook and check out these 10 great websites that will make your time on the Internet interesting and productive.


If you want a daily dose of wisdom but don’t want to have to a) pay for it or b) read a huge book, TED.com is the place to go.

If you’ve never hear of it, TED (which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design), is a not-for-profit media company that posts awesome, 15-20 minutes talks onto its website for your viewing pleasure.

These talks are described as “ideas worth sharing,” and they’re usually given by experts in a particular field who focus on an idea that is, well, worth sharing!

Usually, the speakers are people most of us have never heard of. But their insights and wisdom are 15-20 minutes worth of gold that could literally change your life.

Topics on the website include the important of reading, self-belief and overcoming adversity.

So the next time you have fifteen minutes to spare, do yourself a favour and pop over to TED. This can be one of good and productive things to do on the internet.


Need to get away from YouTube and all those videos of fails? Check out Vimeo for more interesting and thoughtful content, from documentaries to original animated short movies.

Incredible Things

If you like to discover inventive ideas and strange but brilliant new products, Incredible Things is here for you.

This quirky and wholly original website is a great way to pass the time productively while fulfilling your sense of curiosity. There are all kinds of interesting categories for you to get your teeth (or should that be eyes) stuck into, from food to home, fashion to pets.

It’s as quirky as things come.


Another one of productive things to do on the internet is to visit Tim.blog, which is Tim Ferriss’ blog.

But who is Tim Ferriss?

Tim Ferris is a podcaster, entrepreneur, mentor and author who always has something interesting to say on the subject of self-improvement and development.

His blog is stuffed with marvellous insights into how we can improve what we’re doing and change our life.

Check his blog each morning for a much productive way to start your day.

Life Hacker

Really wanna knuckle down and streamline your life? Then LifeHacker could be the website you’ve always wanted but never known existed.

Life Hacker is an online tool filled with helpful articles that help you to get your stuff done quicker and better than ever before.

There is a hack for everything on here, from productivity to motivation. If you’re struggling with something, pop over to Life Hacker to see if it can help, and it can be another one of fun and productive things to do on the internet.


Want to grow your knowledge base about, well, pretty much anything? Then pop over to Khan Academy, a much better alternative to Wikipedia because it’s made by academics who for real know what they’re talking about.

On Khan Academy, you can look up a range of subjects, from philosophy to math to art, and learn more.

Its tag line is “you can learn anything.”

What are you waiting for? Get smarter today!


Visiting Quora is definitely one of the great and productive things to do on the internet. What are those questions you’ve always wanted to know the answer but never thought about asking?

Or maybe you’ve tried asking Google but it didn’t know the answer.

Maybe you asked your mom too, but she didn’t understand the question and asked you to repeat it three times.

In which case, Quora is your new best friend.

On Quora, users ask questions and professionals related to that field provide in-depth, expert answers. There is always something fascinating being asked.

Brain Pickings

Brain Pickings is the official blog of Maria Popova.

That’s right, just one woman runs this marvellous “blog” that seeks to enrich our lives by filling us with the right kind of wisdom.

On this website, you will find all kinds of interesting and wonderful articles and stories, from letters written by artists and poets to powerful quotes from history to excepts from novels.

It’s just marvellous!!


Wanna find out what’s REALLY happening in the world, away from the mainstream media? Then check out social news site Reddit that describes itself as “the first page of the Internet”.

On Reddit, users submit articles, topics and questions. All you’ve gotta do is check them out and maybe submit a few of your own. It’s both fun AND productive.


Smithsonian is the world’s biggest research complex and museum that is home to nine research centres, nineteen museums, and has a whole host of affiliates around the planet.

Smithsonianmag.com is the official Smithsonian Magazine, which aims to put a “Smithsonian lens on the world, looking at the topics and subject matters researched, studied and exhibited by the Smithsonian team.”

There are a whole wealth of interesting articles on this website, that cover subjects from history to science. If you’re interested to learn about 3,500 year old Greek tombs or the kinds of worms that eat FISH, this fascinating website is a great way of passing the time, while learning more about the world around you.

Do you have other ideas of productive things to do on the internet?

Stay happy!

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