10 Must-know tips on how to declutter your life

Smart TV’s that let you watch a show and play a video game at the same time and phones on which you can take more than one call at a time, constant emails and texts and, to top it all off, you can never find your car keys! If this sounds like you, then perhaps it’s time to simplify your life and declutter. There’s only so much that you can do at one time so, if your life has become a little too chaotic, read on and find ten useful tips on how to declutter your life.

1. Stem the incoming flow

Before you can even begin to declutter, you have to stop bringing new commitments and things into your life. Stop buying things that you don’t really need and stop taking on more work than you can handle. Clutter is not only about the disorganisation around you, it’s also about organising your time better.

2. Reduce your commitments

Next great tip on how to declutter your life is to make a list of your weekly commitments and then start to see how you can reduce them. This isn’t just about work though. Take a look at the favours that you do for people and your social diary as well. Try to filter out the things that you really don’t enjoy or that you simply don’t have time for.

3. How to declutter your life? Start with the easy things

Start by removing the clutter from your life that is easy for you to live without. Leave the things that you are less sure about until your resolve has strengthened. Decluttering, for some people, isn’t as easy as you might think, so don’t try and do it all in one go.

4. Donate as well as throw away

There’s no need to throw everything away, a lot of what you have cluttering up your home could be used by other people. Books, clothes and old, unused electronic equipment can all be recycled and put to a good use by someone who really needs them.

5. Sort your belongings by type

Don’t clear out one room at a time but, go through your home collecting all the similar items from each room. That’s the way that you will find out just how many times you have bought exactly the same thing, when you didn’t even need it.

6. Try not to be too sentimental about it

It can be really difficult, going through all your old things and deciding what not to keep and, of course, you should keep the things that are particularly special to you. Be sure though, that you are not keeping things, just for the sake of it and be a little tough with yourself.

7. Declutter your wardrobe

Another great tip on how to declutter your life is to declutter your wardrobe. Do you know how many clothes do you have in your wardrobe that you never actually wear? One way to find out is to hang all your clothes facing one way. When you wear something, put it back hanging the other way. At the end of a month, you will know exactly what you have been wearing and what has not been moved.

8. Declutter your workspace

Make the time to tidy up your workspace too, and then you will be able to work far more efficiently. Go through the piles of paperwork on the top the desk and throw away what you don’t need. Don’t forget the drawers either; throw away the broken stapler, all the biros that don’t work and even that twenty year supply of paper clips that is rattling around at the bottom of the drawer can go.

9. Get rid of unwanted gifts

Another good tip on how to declutter your life is to get rid of unwanted gifts. Everyone’s been guilty of keeping unwanted gifts, because it feels wrong to just give them away or throw them out, but a cupboard full of them is not doing anyone any good. The chances are that granny won’t ever notice that you never wear that multi-coloured knitted top she bought you anyway.

10. Think about the time that you waste with all the clutter

Every single object that you own takes some of your time. You have to clean it, pack it when you move home and sort through it, when you have lost something else. You can save yourself a huge amount of time by simplifying your life and decluttering, and that, in turn, can save you a huge amount of stress.

How to declutter your life? Do you have some other tips?

Stay happy!

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