10 Fantastic money saving tips for couples

Budgeting and financial planning is a must for most couples and decisions have to be made as to where you will spend your money. Do you buy a new car, go on a dream vacation, or do you redecorate the house? There always seems to be something that we would like to do, but can’t quite afford. If you are finding that your money won’t quite stretch far enough, then you could take a look at where you could save on some expense. Take a look at these ten ways that you can save money that you may not have thought about.

1. Talk about it!

Before you even look at specific ways of saving money, you both have to agree that it is what you are going to do. You will need to sit down together and discuss where the money is going, and see where you can cut back, there is no point one of you giving up some of the things you like to spend your money on, if the other one is going to carry on as normal. That will just lead to arguments.

2. Look at switching regular suppliers

This is another one of great money saving tips for couples. When was the last time you looked to see if you get your car insurance cheaper somewhere else, or if you are paying too much for your broadband? Most suppliers offer better deals to new customers, than they do for existing customers, so go online and check out the price comparison websites and you could save money on everything, from your utility bills to your home insurance.

3. Pay with cash

Aim to pay for everything with cash, even if that means putting off buying something for a few months. You can often get discounts for cash payments on all kinds of products and the interest that you will be charged on your credit cards and store cards is incredibly high. Ultimately, if you use credit, you will buy more and it will still have to be paid for in the future.

4. Buy used goods

Don’t turn your nose up at used goods; they are often a better quality than then the new ones that you could afford. Furniture is a great example of this. You could buy a brand new, poor quality, cheap, laminated piece of furniture, or you could buy a second hand, solid oak piece of furniture in an auction that costs a lot less, but it will last you for a long time.

5. Check through your bank statements

Do you actually know where your money goes to every month? Check through your bank statements and work out what all the payments were for. You might be surprised at exactly what you are spending your money on and you will probably find some subscriptions, or other regular payments, that you had forgotten about and don’t really need.

6. Go shopping with a list

One of good money saving tips, when you go grocery shopping, is to take a shopping list with you and only buy what you really need. If you go without a list, you are far more likely to be tempted into impulse buying and those little treats and unnecessary purchases can soon mount up to a significant amount of money.

7. Get joint deals where you can

If you and your partner are spending money with different cell phone providers and different insurance companies, you will be wasting money that way too. Look at areas of your expenditure where you could consolidate to one supplier and you will find you get better deals that way.

8. Go on less expensive dates

Going out on dates with your partner is important, but it doesn’t always have to be at a fancy restaurant or a weekend away at a luxury resort. A picnic in the park would be a lot cheaper and you might even find you have more fun too. There are hundreds of inexpensive dates that you could try that will still mean you spend time together, but you won’t spend a fortune and you will still have a great time.

9. Shop around for everything

Never make a purchase of anything without first checking the price at a number of different retailers. You will often find better deals if you shop around first and don’t forget to check online too. You can make this more fun by turning it into a competition between the two of you to see who can find the best deals.

10. Look for coupons

Make use of all the coupons and frequent shopper deals that you can. Cut out the special offer coupons from magazines and join online discount and voucher websites, all of these will save you money on a surprising range of products and services. Look out for cash back deals too; there are lots of those around that you could save on as well.

What are your favourite money saving tips?

Stay happy!

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