10 Life Hacks For A Clutter Free, Cosy Home

They say that a cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind. If you feel as though you’re living in a bomb site at the moment, our simple life hacks can help to clear out all the debris and get your house organised and cosy once again.

Running an organised house isn’t easy if there are a few factors playing against you. Perhaps you’re a disorganised person by nature, or maybe you’ve got a husband and children who leave a trail of mess every time they walk through a room. After a few weeks of trying to keep everything tidy, you eventually realise that it’s hopeless. You just weren’t cut out for this.

The thing is, keeping a house nice and tidy isn’t actually as difficult as many of us are led to believe. All it takes is following a few simple tips and tricks to restore to its former clutter-free glory.

It’s important that you keep your house organised, too. As studies have shown, clutter can negatively impact on our brain so that we’re not performing at our best. Productivity slows down and we feel swamped by stress.

Luckily, there are a number of easy-to-implement life hacks that can clean up your home so that it’s restored to its former cosy, homely glory. Let’s take a look at 10 of them.

Shoebox Drawers

Got a few old shoeboxes lying around that are adding even more clutter to your home?

We all have. For some reason, no one wants to throw old shoeboxes away! But why? We have no worries throwing plastic bags away, but when it comes to shoeboxes, we tuck them away somewhere, probably because we think they’ll come in useful at some time or another.

Well, now is their time to prove their worth. Now is the time for the humble shoebox to take centre stage and shine like a star.

A shoebox drawer is an amazing idea. Instead of it lying idly on your floor, you can use it it as extra storage space.

“Finally! I have a use!” cried the happy shoebox.

Get Smart With Magnets

Magnets were always those fun things we messed around with as kids, but did you know that a magnet could prove to be one of your new best friends as you seek to de-clutter your him?

Yup, mount a good-sized magnet onto your wall and use it to pin any number of metallic tools.

Proper Under The Kitchen Sink Storage

Under the kitchen sink is a funny place, isn’t it? I remember the time my cat strayed underneath the sink and got trapped there. I could hear its desperate meows, but I couldn’t find it! What a rascal!

We all store things under our kitchen sink, but I can bet that few of you have a very ordered storage space down there. It’s likely that any bit and bob you can think of is stashed away under there, from cling foil to dusters.

And all of it is cluttered.

A great way to organise your stuff under the kitchen is to connect a tension rod from end to the other. Then, hang your supplies off it. Neat!

Recycle Your Wet Wipe Containers

Can wet wipe containers really have a life after containing wet wipes? You bet they can.

Recycle them to store plastic bags.

Turn A Picture Frame Into A To-Do List

The first thing anyone should do when they’re trying to get more organised is to create a “to-do” list.

But right now, you’ve probably got a HUGE to-do list in-waiting. As you create a clutter-free home, there will be plenty of tasks to keep you occupied each day.

As such, you ideally need a new to-do list each day. I can help with this.

Take a glass picture frame that is currently not in use and buy a dry-erase marker pen if you don’t already have one.

Then, write down your chores at the start of the day before rubbing off on completion.

Neatly Arrange Your Makeup

If you’re kind of woman whose makeup has spilled everywhere inside (and outside) a drawer, why not place them all neatly in a spice rack?

Use Velcro Effectively

There are many great uses for velcro. I remember the first time a girl at my school wore velcro shoes as opposed to laces. I was astonished! It was so cool.

Velcro is great because it’s so sticky. If you’ve not already joined the dots, what I’m thinking is that we use velcro to hang something up.

But what? Anything you can think of! My suggestion is that you attack a strip of velcro to one of your kid’s cuddly toys, and another strip to a wall, and then pin the toy to the wall.

Cuddly toys – although cute and cuddly – are usually left all over the floor by kids. This is a great way of clearing up some space.

Message Board Jewellery Holder

Instead of pinning messages to a message board, why not pin your jewellery instead?

Turn Your Old Stepladder Into A Bedside Table

This was one idea I hit upon when I was so frustrated with our old stepladder that I was literally ready to throw it out of the window. It had been hanging around our house for months, doing nothing in particular except getting in the way. I was sick to death of seeing it and it was contributing to the clutter.

Then, one night, I left it in my bedroom after using it to change a lightbulb. The next morning when my husband brought my breakfast in bed, he placed a cup of tea and a book on the stepladder, thereby reimagining it as a bedside table!

It’s great because you can place something on each step, freeing up clutter and getting use out of your stepladder whenever you’re not, uh, stepping on it.

You can also paint it to match your bedroom’s aesthetics.

Use Old Crates For Wall Storage Bins

Crates look a bit ugly. But if you paint them in pastel colours and nail them to your wall, you could turn them into an excellent storage space that adds a bit of cosiness to your home.

Stay happy!

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