10 iPhone tips and tricks you probably didn’t know about

The iPhone is a pretty impressive piece of kit with literally thousands of functions and features. It has so many features that most people never get to unleash the phones full potential. For all iPhone users, here is a selection of iPhone tips and tricks to help you get more out of your phone:

1. Set music to stop on a timer.

Listening to music in bed is great, but then you fall asleep and it’s still playing. You can set your music to stop playing automatically by tapping on the clock, then select, ‘Timer’, ‘When Timer Ends’. Scroll down and select, ‘Stop Playing’ and then set the timer to the length of time that you want.

2. Format your emails

To format the content of your emails, highlight the text and then tap on the option arrow to find the B and U button. Tap and you can bold, underline or italicize your text.

3. Charge your iPhone faster

Switching your iPhone to airplane mode will help make it charge faster. When you do this, it turns off the network reception, WI-Fi and Bluetooth, so you are not wasting any power, while your phone is charging.

4. Use your headset to take photos

When you have the camera app switched on, you can take a photo by pressing centre button on your headset. If you don’t have the headset plugged in, you can use the volume up button to take a photo too.

5. Take burst photos

If you hold down the capture button on your iPhone, when taking a photo, it will automatically go into burst mode and take a whole series of shots.

6. Use your iPhone as a spirit level

Trying to put up a shelf and can’t get it level? If you go into the compass mode on your iPhone and swipe left, you will find a great level app that’s really easy to use.

7. Accessibility options

Under the accessibility options, you can invert the colors of your iPhone, which makes it much easier to see when you’re out at night and the light isn’t very good. You can find this option under ‘Settings’, ‘General’, ‘Accessibility’, and then scroll down to the bottom and tap the ‘Accessibility Shortcut’.

8. Get your iPhone to flash, when you receive a message

If you find that vibration or the sound doesn’t always get your attention, you can also make the flash in your online blink on and off, when you receive a message. Go to ‘Settings’, ‘General’, ‘Accessibility’ and scroll down to the hearing section and you can turn on ‘LED flash for alerts’.

9. Stop yourself being able to things on your iPhone

You can turn off the ability to buy things from within apps, which is a great way to control your own spending, or if you have leant your phone to someone to play games on. Go to ‘Settings’, ‘General’, ‘Restrictions’, ‘Enable Restrictions’, and scroll down until you see ‘In-App purchases’, and disable it.

10. Turn off the iMessage read receipts

If you don’t want your contacts to find out whether or not you have their message sent to you on iMessgae, then go to ‘Settings’, ‘Messages’, ‘Send read receipts’, and you can turn it off.

What are your favorite iPhone tips and tricks?

Stay happy!

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