10 Helpful tips on becoming un-busy

‘Busy, busy, busy. Haven’t got time for this, I can’t really do that, I must get on!’ If this sounds just like you, then maybe it’s time that you took stock of your life and did something about your busy schedule. Every person does need some down time in their lives and everyone needs time for themselves, so if you always seem to be running around, like the proverbial headless chicken, then check out these tips on how to become un-busy:

1. Don’t always be a YES person

Learn how to say NO. It can be hard to say ‘no’ to people, especially, if you’ve always been a ‘yes’ person in the past. You’ve only got so many hours in a day though and some of those hours should be for you. Don’t take on more than you can cope with and learn how to say ‘no’ to people. It’s not rude or selfish, it’s healthy.

2. Learn how to outsource 

Many people are over busy, because they don’t think that anyone else can do a job properly. Try and let go and give other people a chance to do things for you. Give yourself free time occasionally. This doesn’t just apply to work; it can be the same at home. Let someone else do the cleaning for a change!

3. Prioritise

Make a list of all the tasks that you have to do, decide which ones are really important and ditch the ones that are not. Be very determined about this and don’t end up thinking that all the items on the list are important, some of them just must go.

4. Don’t try to multi task, learn to focus at one thing at a time instead 

Starting from the top of your list, focus on just one task at a time and get it done, before you move on to the next. You will get things done faster, and you will get them done better, if you don’t try and multi task.

5. Understand that you have a choice

Understand that you do have a choice whether or not you want to be busy. You do not have to do what everyone else says you should, it’s up to you. So, take control of your life and live it the way that you want to and the way that will make you happy.

6. Stop trying to be a people pleaser

Much of what you do in a day should be for your benefit and not for other people. This is not being selfish, because if you are happy, and not forever busy, then you will be able to do more of real value for others.

7. Stop setting unrealistic targets for yourself

Schedule your day with a realistic timetable. If something is going to take two hours, don’t try and pretend that you can do it one! Working to unrealistic timetables will only stress you out and, as you inevitably become late with a task, you will start to panic about the next.

8. Set aside time for rest and relaxation, and you will become more productive 

It is a proven fact that the harder and longer that you work, the less productive you become, so make sure that you set aside time for regular breaks and a proper lunch. You have a start and a finish time too, which you should stick to.

9. When you are resting, rest properly

When you do take a break, switch off completely. Don’t eat your lunch and answer emails at the same time and, when the working day has finished, put your work completely aside, so you can relax. If you have a fixed timetable that you stick to, for example, stopping work at 6 PM, it will help you to separate work from home.

10. Don’t worry about the little things

Try not to get stressed about the little things. Those that are right at the bottom of your list are not important and it probably wouldn’t even hurt if they don’t get done at all. Be honest with yourself and ask, what would be the worst that would happen, if you don’t get everything today. Not a lot probably, so relax.

Do you have some other tips on becoming un-busy?

Stay happy!

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