10 Great tips on how to simplify your morning routine

Are you tired of every single morning being a mad rush to get out of the door? If you are finding the mornings more of a strain than they should be, then it could be time to do a little bit of rethinking and planning to ease the stress. Here are ten very simple tips that can simplify your mornings and even give you a bit of time to enjoy that bright part of brand new beautiful day:

1. Stop snoozing

Getting up earlier won’t solve the whole problem, but let’s be honest, it’s going to help! If you keep reaching for the snooze button, every time the alarm goes off, then move the alarm! Put it away from the bed, so that you’ll have to get up to turn it off.

2. Let the daylight and sunshine in

As soon as you get up, let some air and light into your home. Open the shades or blinds and open a window, because the sunlight and fresh air will wake you up and help focus your mind.

3. Get your clothes ready the night before

Choose your outfit and get all your clothes out for the next day, before you go to bed. This simple change to your routine will make it so much easier to get ready in the mornings.

4. Don’t switch on the TV

If you switch the TV on, you will invariably be distracted. If you want some background noise, then turn on the radio or put on some music. You can listen to that without being tempted to sit down for ‘just five minutes’.

5. Reorganise the bathroom

A tidy up of your bathroom or dressing table might also help. Throw out some of those empty bottles and jars and organize things, so you know exactly where to find them.

6. Pack your lunch the night before

When you clean up after dinner, make your lunch for the next day as well. It won’t take long, it will keep perfectly well in the refrigerator overnight and it will be one less thing to do in the morning.

7. Set up a bathroom schedule with the rest of the family

If you live with other people, then a bathroom schedule can be invaluable. It doesn’t have to be worked out too precisely, but knowing that your teenage daughter won’t be taking a long and relaxing soak in the tub, just when you need to get ready for work, would help.

8. Have proper homes for everything

Always put things like your phone, your bag and your car keys in exactly the same place at night. That way you won’t have any last minute searches on your hands.

9. Make it a rule: no internet before you are ready to go

Checking emails in the morning can be disastrous. Just one email that you think needs answering straight away, and you suddenly find yourself way behind schedule. The best option is to leave them alone altogether, until you get to work, and then you won’t even worry about them and it won’t make you late.

10. Make a checklist

If you keep forgetting things, then make a list. Put it up on a board near your front door and then you can make a quick check, before you are half way to work!

Stay happy!

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