10 Bad Habits That Make You Waste Your Precious Time

Time is a precious commodity, and many of us complain that we never have enough of it to do everything we want. The reason for this is probably the bad habits that we can’t give up, or don’t even realise we have.

Time is not like money. You can’t just make more of it when you need it. Time is subject to its own mathematical laws and doesn’t pause for any of us. The clock just keeps on ticking, despite us screaming frantically that we’re running out of time.

There isn’t a person alive who isn’t running out of time. We’re all in the same boat. But why does it seem that some people have more time than us?

There are a few reasons. For one, they are clearly better at managing their time. For two, they have identified their bad habits that were slowing them down, and kicked them into touch.

Bad habits are a drain on your time, energy and resources. Eliminating them will free up more time so that you can get more done. But before you kick a habit, you must first identify it. Here are 10 common bad habits that make you waste your precious time:

Trying To Do Too Much At The Same Time

In other words, multitasking.

It’s like the eminent Chinese philosopher Confucius said: “A man who chases two rabbits catches none.”

Apparently, girls are supposed to be good at multitasking. But is this true?

Not really.

It’s actually a total myth that multitasking boosts productivity. The reality is the total opposite – multitasking actually slows you down. You lose focus, make stupid mistakes that need to be corrected later, and get tired quicker.

Worse still, you get stressed and flustered and need to take a break.

And when the deadlines arrive, you haven’t actually completed anything at all.

Checking Social Media All The Time

Social media no doubt has its uses. You certainly don’t need to delete all your profiles and dramatically vow never to return in a bid to save some time.

But when you really need to knuckle down and use your time better, you could have a period were you temporarily disable your accounts.


If you don’t believe in a religion, you surely still believe in the devil, which is basically what procrastination is.

I think all of us procrastinate at some point, but some definitely procrastinate more than others. If you’re reading this with sheepish look on your face, you know that you procrastinate more than the average person.

So what are you going to do about it?

Procrastination is a tough habit to quit, especially in our world of endless distractions and infinite information. It’s so easy to put off a tough task because you’ve got a more enjoyable alternative.

But if you really want more time to do more stuff, you need to toughen up and find a way to kick procrastination’s butt.


Want that red dress? Buy it now! Stop waiting for another week so that you can spend another 30 minutes tomorrow pondering over whether to go for it or not.

Start making snap decisions for the smaller things.

You Pay Little Attention To Deadlines

When I first entered the world of work, I took deadlines very seriously. I made sure I worked hard so that I always met my deadlines because I knew that if I didn’t, I’d feel anxious. Not only that, but I was sure that my boss would give me a dressing down.

However, I soon realised that nobody else in the office seemed to be taking deadlines seriously. They were a tardy bunch who had a devil may care attitude.

“The deadlines are just a token gesture,” I was told. “As long as you don’t hard the work in ridiculously late, no one cares.”

It didn’t matter to me that no one cared. I cared.

Look, when you purposely miss deadlines, it means that you’re working really inefficiently. You’re not using your time well. You’re still working on something when you could be free to use your time better.

Don’t be roped into the belief that no one cares about deadlines. If you care about your precious time, you should definitely care about deadlines.

Waiting Around

Is the cable man late again? And you’re just gonna sit around twiddling your thumbs, complaining about him?

Waiting around and puffing your cheeks out is a bad habit. If there has been an unexpected delay, use your sudden free time to get something done.

Not Setting Boundaries

Do you know what your boundaries are? If you don’t, you might find that a time-sapping bad habit of yours is saying Yes to all and sundry.

Of course, it’s nice to say Yes to people. It’s charitable and casts you in a good light.

But if you say Yes ALL THE TIME, you’ll have no time left for yourself.

If you need more time, you need to become more assertive. You need to toughen up and learn how to discriminate. You’ll help with this but not that. You can help out next week but definitely not right now.

Learn how to put yourself first for once. Prioritise and don’t be of the belief that people will only talk to you if you say Yes to them all the time.

Trying To Change Someone’s Mind

Some people are lost causes. Avoid stubborn people – they will kill your time.

Having No Goals

If you haven’t set any goals, then it’s likely that you’re guilty of wasting your time quite often.

Goals are what give us purpose. They give us something meaningful to work on. As such, they’re a meaningful use of our time.

Without goals, we’re directionless. We might spend a whole ten years of our life stumbling along, going from job to job without any clue as to why and what for.

Then, when we’re 30, it suddenly hits us that we’re going no where and we’ve wasted so much time.

Setting some clear goals will give you a chance to make a schedule and work out how best to get the most out of your time.


You want to do something, but instead you spend so much time worrying about what will happen if you did that there is no longer any time left to do it anyway.

Worrying is unproductive and seriously makes no sense. Please kick this bad habit.

Stay happy!

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