10 Clear Signs You Found Your Soulmate

When I was younger, I spent a lot of time hoping that one day I’d meet my soul mate. My friends had seemingly met theirs, but I was still stuck dating Mr Loser, Mr Lazy and Mr Can’t Cook Won’t Cook. Eventually, I dismissed the idea that soul mates existed.

Without looking for him, though, I found myself falling in love with a man who I truly believe is my soul mate. For reasons beyond my explanations, we share a deeper connection that I’ve ever had with anyone. No topic of conversation is off-limits, and we literally think what each other is thinking. It just feels so right.

But enough about me! If you’re wondering whether or not you’ve found your soulmate, here are 10 clear signs that you have…

You Don’t Want To Imagine Life Without Him

If you can’t – or don’t want to – imagine life without him, it’s a surefire sign that he is your soulmate.

A soulmate is someone who comes into your life and lights it up in such a way that without him, there would only be darkness. You’re afraid to think what your life would be like if he left, and you struggle to remember what it was like before he even arrived.

Whatever it was like, it was never this good.

The Time Is Right

Sometimes, you’re not ready to meet your soulmate. Had I met mine in my early twenties, things just wouldn’t have worked out. I wasn’t in the right place, and neither was he.

This is how it works, and timing is everything. If you both feel ready right now to accept one another into your lives and take this relationship to its next logical stage, there is a good chance that he is the One.

He Challenges You

Does your man challenge you like no one else does? Does he push you on when you feel like giving up? Does he criticise you when you voice negative, ‘I can’t do this’ type thoughts?

If he does, it’s a good sign that he’s your soulmate.

Soulmates are there for us at all times, offering us support when we need it and challenging our thoughts and actions when we step out of line. If he feels as though you’ve done something out of character or unethical, he’s not going to let you get away with it. He’s going to call you out. Why? Because he cares.

You Feel Their Pain

Whenever he has a bad day at work, you feel it.

Whenever he is upset because a friend has argued with him, you feel it.

Whatever hurts him, hurts you just as much.

Similarly, you also share their happiness and joy. You feel it all.

He Knows What’s Good For You

The funny thing about first dates is that the two of you are so unknown to one another that it’s easy to get on the other person’s nerves with your solutions to their problems. Your soulmate, however, knows you inside out. In fact, they probably know you better than you know yourself. And because of this, they always know what’s good for you.

When you’re stressed, they will know how to relieve your stress.

When you’re feeling blue, they will know how to cheer you up.

When you need some alone time, they will understand, and they’ll give you your space.

You’ve Got The Same Life Goals

The first time I thought I had met my soulmate turned out to just an illusion. To all extents and purposes, he was the One. But there was one crucial difference between the two of us that was always going to get in the way – we had different life goals. Ultimately, I had envisioned one thing and he had envisioned quite another.

If you and your partner are singing from the same song sheet when it comes to your life goals, it’s a definite sign that he is your cosmic mate. It’s important that the two of you want the same things.

You Feel Comfortable Around Them

Your soulmate should be someone who you feel immensely comfortable just sitting around with. Whether you’re watching television with him, dining out, visiting friends, or even working together, he should always be the person who you can relax with.

If it literally never feels awkward, and you feel as though you could fall asleep around him or even pig around him without things getting weird, it’s a sure sign that he’s your soulmate.

You Disagree Sometimes … 

You disagree sometimes … but you always agree when it comes to the important stuff.

This is a key point. A soulmate is not someone who is going to agree with you on every little thing. They’re not going to say Yes and nod their head to everything you say. They will challenge you on certain points, and they might even have different interests to you.

But when it comes to the fundamentals – such as your morals and values – they’re on the same level as you. And this is what matters.

You Get Butterflies In Your Stomach

Sure, we all get butterflies in our tummies when we see a hot guy walking up to us, or when we go on a date for the first time. But these are not the same as the butterflies you get when you lie in bed thinking about him, or when he texts you, or even when you’re sitting next to him on the sofa and thinking about how amazing all of this is.

When this happens, you know for sure that you’ve got the best friend you’ll ever have by your side.

You Know You Are Safe

You know that feeling of safety and security whenever you’re with your man? That knowledge that he will never hurt you, and will always be there for you, to protect and cherish you? That is a surefire sign that this is an unbreakable relationship, and he is your soulmate.

He also offers your relationship security. You feel as though you guys could overcome any challenges together, and that literally nothing is going to break you apart.

Stay happy!

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