Top 10 ways to use coconut oil for skin and hair

Is coconut oil the most versatile, natural, beauty product in the world? We all know that coconut is good for you, and it tastes great too, but lightweight and easily absorbed coconut oil also has some amazing beauty benefits; here are ten ways to use coconut oil for skin and hair:

1. Coconut oil shaving cream 

Give yourself a naturally smooth shave by using coconut oil instead of your shaving cream. It’s a perfect alternative to the harsh chemicals found in most shaving creams and it will moisturize your skin at the same time.

2. Coconut oil face wash

To gain clear and smooth skin, try using coconut oil instead of your usual face wash. Be warned though, while some girls swear by it, others say it can cause break outs! Coconut oil face wash would be perfect for dry and normal skin types.

3. Coconut oil facial scrub 

Improve the look and feel of your skin by mixing a little baking soda with coconut oil and wash your face with it once or twice a week. The mixture works great as a facial scrub, especially if you are prone to acne.

4. Coconut oil makeup remover

Apply some coconut oil to a cotton pad and gently remove your makeup with it. Rinse afterwards and your skin will be left feeling fresh, smooth and clean.

5. Coconut oil frizz tamer

A small (really small) amount of coconut oil, applied to your hair, will smooth down the fly-away hairs and leave your hair with a beautiful shine. Don’t overdo it though.

6. Coconut oil eye cream

Coconut oil is a great re-hydrator and is perfect for the sensitive skin around your eyes. Rub a little in and it will leave your skin feeling beautifully smooth; coconut oil eye cream will help to reduce the signs of aging too.

7. Coconut oil hair softener

The perfect way to soften your hair and add moisture: apply coconut oil to your hair and leave it for 30 minutes, then wash out for soft, shiny and healthy looking hair.

8. General purpose moisturizer

Some people find coconut oil a bit too greasy to use everywhere, it depends on your skin type of course, but the fatty acids that coconut oil contains help to lock in moisture, so it’s great for problem areas like your elbows or the heels of your feet.

9. Coconut oil body scrub 

Mix some brown sugar with coconut oil to make a fantastic all over body scrub. Coconut also has anti-fungal properties, so it makes a great foot scrub too.

10. Cuticle oil

If your cuticles have become dry and ragged, then applying some coconut oil is a good way to soften and smooth them.

Coconut oil really is one of nature’s super beauty products and it has millions of different uses. It naturally cleans away dirt and grime from your skin and it’s an excellent moisturizer, as it sinks deep into your skin, conditions and nourishes it, leaving your skin clean, soft and refreshed.

What other ways to use coconut oil for skin and hair do you know? Feel free to share your beauty tips in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful!


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