How to remove moles at home? 10 Effective remedies 

Moles are unsightly, embarrassing and even a little bit gross. It isn’t too bad if they’re hidden away on parts of our body that very people will ever see. But when they protrude like a sore thumb on our neck, arms, chest or face, they get really annoying.

Especially when they’re pulling that “Hey! Look at me!” face. You just know they want to be the centre of attention. It’s as though they want your boss, your first date and everyone else to notice them.

Moles suck.

Sometimes they’re a hideous black, other times they’re flesh-coloured. Thy can appear at any time, but usually before the age of thirty, and they’re either raised or flat, smooth or rough. Some come with hair, some come without it. All are annoying.

But while there are surgical ways to get rid of a mole, you probably think that surgery is a tad too dramatic. After all, it’s just a mole! The good news is that there are plenty of effective DIY remedies for home removal that you can try at home. Let’s take a look at ten of them.


According to dieticians and health experts, you should cook with garlic each day. But garlic can also be used in other ways – including the removal of moles.

Garlic helps thanks to its high enzyme content. Basically, it is these enzymes which prevent pigment-producing cells from doing their dastardly deeds. It also brightens up darkened pigmentation.

To use garlic to remove your moles, cut a single clove before placing it on the offending mole.

Then, fasten into place using a bandage before leaving for a few hours.

Do this each day for a week. Eventually, the mole will drop off.

Banana Peels

I know, I know. Banana peels are scrap that belong in the refuse bin. They smell and quickly change colour from bright yellow to mud brown.

But they do have their uses.

Take a banana peel and apply the inside of it on your mole before fastening with a bandage. Eventually, the mole will dry and fall off.

At which point you can finally toss the peel away!

Apple Cider Vinegar

When I was a child, my grandmother used to treat everything with apple cider vinegar. It was like a magic portion. And even today I still treat many things from home using apple cider vinegar.

The reason why apple cider vinegar makes for such an effective home remedy for more removal is thanks to its high content of acid. As such, it scabs the mole over until it drops off.

To make this remedy work, soak a cotton ball in a bowl of apple cider vinegar before placing it on the mole. Then, fasten it with a bandage before leaving it overnight. You need to repeat this procedure each day for about a week or so, after which the mole should gently fall off.


Mmm. Strawberries are a bit more pleasant than banana peels, right? So if the banana peel method didn’t grab your attention, you can try this one instead.

Simple slice up a strawberry before placing it on your mole. Do this over several days and eventually the mole will be gone. Yay!

Castor Oil

Castor oil removes all kinds of unsightly skin blemishes, including warts, tags – and moles. Castor oil is a discutient, which essentially means that it can dissolve and eradicate unwanted growths with ease. Moreover, castor oil doesn’t usually leave a scar. Happy days.

It does, however, take quite a bit of time so you need to be patient with this method.

Start by mixing a smidgen of castor oil with a smidgen of baking soda. If you like, you can also include ground aspirin in the mix.

Then, rub the mixture onto your mole before leaving to set for a few hours.

Carry out this procedure twice a day for over a month and eventually you see see the result you want.


Also preferable to the banana, a grapefruit’s juice can easily eliminate pesky moles. Simply extract the juice before applying on the affected area each day for a few weeks. After which, your mole will politely drop off.

Dandelion Root

Unconventional? Sure.

But effective? Definitely!

Dandelion root is – surprisingly – not a technique my grandmother ever employed (she was obsessed with her apple cider vinegar) but it’s a fantastic home remedy that eliminates moles.

Simple clean up a dandelion root before cutting the end off. Then, squeeze it until a milk sap oozes out. Then, gently brush your mole with the sap.

Repeat each day until your mole falls off.

Just don’t let your friends catch you doing this one haha!

Pineapple Juice

Fresh pineapple juice tastes great, and I always drink a glass first thing in the morning to kick start my day in the right way. But as well as tasting delicious and stocking you up with essential nutrients to start your day, pineapple juice can also be used as an effective home remedy for mole removal.

All you need to do is take a cotton ball before soaking it in juice and then applying it to the affected area. Leave for a few hours (or overnight) and repeat the procedure each day until the mole falls off. It should drop off after a few weeks, but for quicker results, purchase pineapple juice which is particularly rich in citric acid.


Iodine is known to remove skin tags and annoying moles thanks to the fact that it actually instigate cell death. By doing this, it breaks up clusters and prevents them from returning. You can buy iodine from a drug store.

Start cleaning your mole and the surrounding area, before applying a pinch of iodine solution on the offending mole. Then, fasten with a bandage and leave for a few hours, or overnight.

You need to repeat this method each day for up to two weeks for the best results.

Flaxseed Oil

A final surefire home remedy that works for removing moles is to mix a tbsp of ground flaxseed with a tsp of honey and a pinch of flax oil until you’ve got a paste.

Apply it to your mole twice each day until the mole drops off.

How to remove moles at home? What are your best tips?

Stay beautiful!

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