How to get rid of acne scars naturally?

Whether it is acne scars, a small scar that you’ve had since you were a kid, or a scar from surgery, all scars can be a bit embarrassing and make you feel self-conscious. You can, of course, hide the scars under makeup or with well positioned clothing, but there are also some natural ways that you can fade scars. We won’t pretend to you that these home treatments will magically make scar tissue disappear, but, with repeated use, they will certainly diminish significantly the appearance of scars. Here are ten effective tips on how to get rid of acne scars naturally.

1. Baking soda

Baking soda is one of the most versatile things that you have in your kitchen and one of its many uses is to help make scars less noticeable. If you exfoliate your skin with baking soda, it will encourage the growth of new skin and that will eventually fade a scar. After exfoliating, it’s a good idea to moisturise your skin as well with something like olive oil or jojoba oil.

2. Honey

Honey is an ancient treatment for scars that is really effective. Try mixing baking soda and honey together and using that as an exfoliating scrub. As we mentioned above, the baking soda will remove the dead skin cells, while the honey will moisturise the skin and encourage new skin cell growth. Massage the mixture into the skin for five minutes, and then leave it to sit for twenty minutes more before you wash it off.

3. Cucumber

Another good tip on how to get rid of acne scars naturally is to use cucumber, which has a lot more in it than you might have thought. Not only is cucumber great for hydrating the skin, it also contains magnesium and vitamins C and A, all of which have superb skin healing properties. All you need to do to get the benefits of cucumber is to place a slice of cucumber over the scar, and leave it there for twenty minutes. Repeat that regularly, and you should soon see a reduction in the appearance of the scar.

4. Onions

Onions are an age old remedy for scars and they are even used in some commercial scar fading creams. Simply apply onion juice to the affected area and leave it on for fifteen minutes, it will reduce inflammation and, over time, fade scar tissue.

5. Coconut oil

One of good tips on how to get rid of acne scars naturally is to use coconut oil, which is one of the best natural, healing, moisturisers and it can do a wonderful job of reducing the appearance of scars. The simplest way to use coconut oil to treat scars is to take a scoop of it in your hand and just let your body heat soften it. Then, massage the oil into the affected area and let it soak in.

6. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another natural product that has many uses, one of which is fading scars. Dilute the vinegar with 4 parts water and then apply it to the skin with a cotton wool ball. Repeat daily and within a few months, you will notice that the scar tissue has begun to fade.

7. Aloe vera

Another amazing tip on how to get rid of acne scars naturally is to use aloe vera. You can buy aloe vera in the stores, but it’s so easy to grow at home, and you know then that the aloe vera gel is 100% pure. It’s a wonderful natural moisturiser and it contains vitamins and minerals that will help to heal a scar. To treat a scar, just squeeze the gel out of an aloe vera leaf, apply it the skin, and leave it for at least half an hour so that it has time to soak in.

8. Rose hip oil

Rose hip oil is light and non-greasy and it has wonderful skin care properties. It’s full of essential fatty acids and Vitamin A, which will help the skin to heal and encourage the growth of new skin cells. Apply the oil to the affected area, twice a day, and you will see the difference in scar tissue in a matter of weeks.

9. Vitamin E 

You’ll find Vitamin E in many treatments that are recommended for healing scars. The easiest way to gain the scar healing benefits of Vitamin E is to cut open a capsule and apply the contents directly to your skin. Alternatively, you could mix it in with your daily moisturiser and get the benefits that way.

10. Potato juice

The juice of potatoes is surprisingly rich in Vitamins and minerals and it makes a great scar treatment. Cut some thick slices of potato and rub them over the scarred skin. Leave the juice on your skin for at least a quarter of an hour to get the best benefits. Do that once a day and it will gradually fade a scar.

How to get rid of acne scars naturally? What are your best tips?

Stay beautiful!

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