How To Use Green Tea In Skincare?

My New Year’s Resolution for 2016 was to better my life in a few small ways. The motivation came when I read a few quotes about kindness over Christmas and realised that change doesn’t have to be huge. To be a better, healthier person, we don’t need to turn our lives upside down. Instead, it’s often the small things that make the real difference.

Overall, I’d say that I’m a healthy person. I hydrate properly with water, I eat my fair share of fruit and vegetables, and I ride my bike at least twice a week. After I’d made my resolution, I got even healthier by cutting back on caffeine and joining a yoga class.

I used to do yoga a few years back, but quit. I’m not sure sure, but yoga has significantly improved my life this year, while cutting back on caffeine has also helped. I no longer suffer jittery crashes mid-afternoon, while Clive from HR is asking me for emails.

My latest small change came in the form of green tea. I know that green tea is an acquired taste, but I absolutely love it (and if you don’t, you can get flavoured green tea these days). To me, it’s tasty, super healthy – and costs very little. It’s rich in antioxidants that won’t give you eternal life, but they’ll certainly try it.

Green tea can also save us from liver damage. Hail green tea!

But the best thing about green tea is its amazing versatility. It doesn’t just make you smarter, increase fat burning, lower your risk of cancer and kill bacteria – it also improves your skin.

Yup, among its box of tricks is its ability to revive puffy and dull skin, making sure you look back to your glowing, most beautiful best.

Let’s take a look at a few ways to use green tea in skincare.

Steam Facial

To start this one, begin by finding a mug that is at least half the size of your own head.

So, basically, a BIG mug!

Each morning, I tip from a massive mug of green tea. It’s an excellent way to kick off the day. What I do is I rest my face above it instantly after I’ve poured it, allowing the steam to get up inside my pores.

It’s important that you perform this trick before you apply your make-up for the day.

After it’s done, you should rinse your face with water.

It works because the steam opens up your pores, which your face will love you for. The scent from the tea also calms you down first thing in the morning, preparing you for the day ahead in the right way. Win.


It wasn’t all that long ago when I never used a toner. I always thought it was for drying and not much else. To me, it had zero use. My friends would recommend me toners, but I was stubborn. I had no need for one.

These days, I have lots of need for a green tea toner. Actually, it’s more of a refresher than anything else, and it’s really energising.

Think of it like toothpaste – but for your pores.

All you need is a few dabs and your tired skin will feel – and look – a lot better in no time at all.

To make a green tea toner, you will need two mugs of brewed green tea that have cooled, as well as essential oil and a clean spray bottle.

Once your tea has cooled, water it down before pouring into the spray bottle. You don’t have to mix in a few pinches of essential oil, but I always do this. Any type of essential oil will do. Tea tree oil is good for breakouts, while lavender is ideal for relaxing.

Then, put the spray bottle in the fridge. Why? Because cold green tea soothes your skin wonderfully. But make sure that you label it first, so that nobody comes along and drinks it! It isn’t dangerous, but you need it for you skin!

Face Mask

To make your very own green tea face mask, you will need two bags of green tea, a pack of baking soda, and some honey.

Begin by tearing open your bags of brewed and cooled down green tea, before mixing the leaves in a small bowl with equal parts of baking soda.

Taking a teaspoon of this combo, mix in some honey before spreading the mixture on your face. Don’t be afraid of covering everything.

If you think it needs to be diluted, you can just add a pinch of water each time and stir it in.

Then, leave your mask to settle on your face for up to fifteen minutes. The green tea will soothe your skin, and is ideal for redness and irritation. The honey, meanwhile, acts as a natural moisturiser.

Face And Body Sugar Scrub

For this one, you will need some green tea (obviously), water and granulated sugar.

First things first, brew yourself a cup of tea before leaving it to go cold. Then, mix in a few tablespoons of the sugar into the tea. Only do this when the tea has cooled.

Stir it, until it’s nice and thick.

Add honey, water or essential oil – it’s up to you.

This scrub is perfect your anywhere, including your face, arms and even legs and feet. It has a sweet smell, and it serves to restore the beauty and youthful glow to your skin.

Place it in the fridge to save for other days, and again remember to label it.

Eye Treatment

One of the biggest small changes I wanted to make when the bell tolled midnight on New Year’s Eve/Day was to eliminate the bags under my eyes that had blighted me for the last two years.

Thanks to green tea, they’re finally gone.

All you need to do is steep the green tea for just a handful of minutes before removing the bags from water.

Wring out all the H2O before leaving the bags in the fridge for fifteen minutes or so. You don’t want to put steaming tea bags on your eyes! (trust me)

Once cooled, place them over your eyes and lie down for up to 30 minutes. Listen to some music to help you pass the time, and just generally relax. Maybe even have a snooze!

Stay beautiful!

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