12 Amazing Shea butter benefits and uses for beauty

Shea butter is an incredible natural beauty product, an ivory colored fat, which is taken from the nut of the African Shea tree. Rich in vitamins, moisturizing, nourishing and revitalizing, Shea butter is widely used in various skin creams and cosmetic products and can deliver many benefits to your skin, hair and health. Shea butter benefits are almost countless, but here are just 12 amazing ways in which you can use Shea butter in your beauty regime:

1. Shea butter protects your skin

Shea butter is rich in antioxidants, such as vitamins A and E, which help to protect the cells of your skin from free radicals, pollution and sun damage. Thanks to Vitamin A content, regular use of Shea butter can improve various skin conditions, such as blemishes, eczema, dermatitis, as well as slow down aging process, by stimulating the production of collagen, nourishing your skin and giving radiance. The cinnamic acid found in Shea butter also absorbs some of the skin damaging ultraviolet light, generated from the sun. In the winter Shea butter can become a great alternative to commercial skin moisturizers and can protect your skin from harsh and windy weather, providing moisture, adding beautiful glow and softening your skin.

2. Shea butter aids the healing process

Benefits of Shea butter include healing. The fatty acids and plant sterols contained in Shea butter make it a great treatment for skin blemishes and minor injuries. It is very effective as a treatment for skin rashes, minor burns, insect bites and stings, as it soothes the skin and promotes healing, thanks to it’s anti-inflamatory and healing properties.

3. Shea butter for skin – use Shea butter as an anti-aging treatment

Shea butter benefits also include anti-aging. Shea butter is quickly and easily absorbed by the skin and does not cause pores clogging, it also promotes the production of collagen. The vitamins A and E in the Shea butter help to keep your skin supple and prevent the signs of aging from appearing.

You can also use Shea butter as your body moisturizer, dry skin remedy and feet softener. This multipurpose product can care about your body from head to toe, relieving skin dryness, restoring skin elasticity, nourishing, hydrating and softening. Apply Shea butter all over your body at night and don’t forget to apply some on your feet before going to sleep, put on socks and your cosy pajamas and wake up with soft and moisturized body and feet.

4. Acne and other skin damage treatment

Shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties, owing it to some of the cinnamic acid derivatives it contains. Applied to inflamed areas of skin, it will soothe and calm the inflammation, as well as reduce the redness.

5. Shea butter lip balm

Because of how easily Shea butter is absorbed, it makes a wonderful, natural lip balm. Especially during spells of cold weather, apply Shea butter to your lips and it will nourish and moisturize them, helping to clear up dry and chapped lips fast. Try applying Shea butter 10 minutes before applying your lipstick and you will see how smoothly and beautifully your lipstick will glide on, your partner won’t be able to resist kissing your soft, beautiful lips!

6. Dandruff and dry scalp treatment

Your hair also can profit from Shea butter benefits. It’s great for soothing a dry itchy scalp and clearing up dandruff without clogging up your pores. Just massage your scalp with slightly warmed up Shea butter, cover your head with a shower cap and then towel, keep it on for at least 20 minutes, then wash off.

7. Shea butter for hair – dry hair treatment

Massage Shea butter into your hair twice a week, leaving it on for at least 20 minutes or even better overnight, and it will revitalize and soften brittle and dry hair. The Shea butter will moisturize your hair, improve the texture, add luster and softness and it will also help to control excess oil production in the scalp.

8. Shea butter is not just great for you; it’s good for babies too

Your baby can also enjoy Shea butter benefits. As a natural, chemical free moisturizer, Shea butter can’t be beaten. It’s an ideal moisturizer for the soft and delicate skin of a baby and it also helps to heal up nappy rash and eczema.

9. Restore the elasticity of your skin

As well as re-hydrating and softening your skin, Shea butter also helps to restore and maintain skin elasticity. It contains ingredients that are essential for this, including vitamins A, E and F, it will help keep your skin looking supple and beautiful.

10. Use as an after-sun care treatment

Shea butter benefits also include after-sun care. As well as using it to protect you from the sun, Shea butter also makes a great after-sun treatment. Apply after a day in the sun and it will provide your skin with a much needed replenishment of moisture, vitamins and nutrients and, if you have had too much sun, it will soothe away any soreness too.

11. Shea butter shaving cream

Shea butter benefits are almost countless. You can also use Shea butter as your shaving cream, or as an after shave treatment, and it will prevent those unpleasant after shave bumps from appearing.

12. Define your curls

If you have coarse hair and you want to give your curls more defined effect, you don’t necessarily need to buy those expensive products and hair treatments in shops. Warm up some Shea butter between your hands and apply to your hair to give definition to your curls and restore luster to your locks. Avoid applying too much though, because it can quickly make your hair look too greasy. Less is more in this case.

These are only few benefits of Shea butter, the list can go on and on…

When buying Shea butter, opt for the best grade, which is raw or unrefined Shea butter – it is extracted using water and contains the biggest amount of vitamins and nutrients. The color of unrefined Shea butter varies from cream (whipped butter like color) to yellow with grayish tint, it also has nutty aroma which is not present in other refined Shea butter grades.

Do you like using Shea butter? What other Shea butter benefits do you know? Feel free to share your thoughts and beauty tips in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful!


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