10 Wonderful natural skin care products you need to know about

When it comes to skin care, sometimes those expensive creams aren’t always better. In fact, sometimes, they can be harsh on your skin and strip it of those natural oils it produces in order to stay clean and healthy. That’s why sticking to natural products from the earth can often be a better choice – not to mention more cost effective! Read these 10 ingredients that can work wonders on your skin:

1. Coconut oil

One of the greatest natural skin care products is coconut oil. Coconut oil can substitute a lot of things. It works as a moisturizer, makeup remover, soap and even conditioner – and you can eat it too. It cleanses the pores without affecting the natural oils on your skin. (To find out more about amazing beauty recipes with coconut oil click here.)

2. Honey

Another one of good natural skin care products is honey. Yes it’s a bit sticky, but honey is nature’s antibiotic. It’s good for deep-cleaning and can help the healing process of cold sores or burns. If you can find some raw honey, it’s best.

3. Lemon juice

Freshly squeezed juice from lemons is great for oily skin and can help prevent pimple breakouts. Apply it with a cotton swab, but be sure to avoid any cuts. Ouch! (If you want to find out more about how you can use lemon in your beauty routine click here.)

4. Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is another one of wonderful and nourishing natural skin care products. Rub a small block of cocoa butter on your skin after a shower for a really soothing moisturizer that will protect your skin and leave you smelling delicious.

5. Apple cider vinegar bath

One of the best things you can do for your skin is take a bath with one or two cups of apple cider vinegar mixed into the water. It has so many healing functions, like clearing bodily pimples, soothing sore muscles, healing rashes and it can even help with things like hemorrhoids and thrush! If you’re worried that you’ll smell a bit funny afterwards, just follow it up with some coconut oil or cocoa butter. (If you want to find out what is apple cider vinegar good for and what are health benefits of apple cider vinegar click here.)

6. Olive oil

Another one of great natural skin care products is olive oil. This oil is a good alternative for soap and shaving cream. Olive oil is actually really good for cleaning off dirt and it doesn’t mess with your skin’s natural oils. You won’t even need to moisturize after, because it will leave your skin nice and soft. Just remember to put on only little bits at a time, just because it can feel weird and greasy otherwise. (To find out more ways to use olive oil for beauty click here.)

7. Black tea bags

For red or tired looking eyes, soak two tea bags in boiling water and then, leave to cool for a few minutes in the fridge, until they are comfortable to touch and cooled down. Then, place the teabags over your eyes and set a timer for five minutes. Your eyes will look fresher and more youthful afterwards. It is also a really good remedy for conjunctivitis (or pink eye). Plus, you get to drink the tea afterwards.

8. Papaya 

This fruit has great healing properties, so it can be used to combat pimples on acne prone skin and can lessen the look of freckles and other blemishes. Just apply some of the fresh papaya juice to your face for about five or ten minutes, before washing with warm water.

9. Turmeric

Turmeric is another one of fabulous natural skin care products. This herb is used in Indian villages as a sun block – and India has very little skin cancer. It can also help lighten blemishes, pigmentation and rejuvenate dry looking skin.

10. Drink water

Adequate water consumption is one of the absolute best things for your skin! If you drink soft drinks or juice all day, try to cut back and have water as your main drink. If you don’t like the taste, you can always cut up some lemons or any other berries or fruit of your choice and put it in the water to get a subtle fruity flavor. Within a few days, you should see a difference in your skin. It can help to clear up pimples and make your skin glow a healthier color.

What are your favorite natural skin care products and ingredients?

Stay pretty!

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