10 Natural Home Remedies For Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bites are just horrendous. Even the name mosquito is enough to send shivers down many people spine. Just say the word to yourself now. Mosquito. It’s almost blood curdling, and their nickname, “Mozzies”, is even more menacing. It’s actually supposed to make them sound cuter, and make us go, “Aw, come here you little mozzies!”, but it just makes it sound like a pack of them are after you!

Unfortunately, during the hot season, mosquitos get around quite a fair bit and many of us are susceptible to getting bitten. These days, it doesn’t seem to matter where you live, because mosquitos have migrated far and wide, so that you no longer have to visit Africa to get a famed mozzie “love bite” on the nose. So if you can’t stop scratching because a mosquito has invaded your skin, let’s take a look at 10 awesome natural home remedies for mosquito bites that will soothe you in no time at all.

1. Try Aloe Vera

Aloe vera attacks a mosquito bite in two ways, which makes it super versatile and super potent. As well as drawing the sting out, the aloe-vera plant uses its well-known anti-inflammatory properties to sooth the itch. If you aren’t quite satisfied, you could also fridge your aloe vera gel because the cold will further reduce the itchiness.

2. Got A Mosquito Bite? Go Bananas!

Bananas are really good for our health, and many of us probably eat up to 7 a week for the vitamins they contain. But did you know that bananas are also a potent way of treating mosquito bites?

Not everyone is actually agreed on this, but studies have shown that running your mozzie bites with a banana peel can reduce itchiness and tenderness. At the same time, though, bananas have a strong smell and could actually attract more mosquitos.

So if your bites are driving you ‘bananas’ (sorry), just rub them with a banana peel!

3. Ice

Another one of simple, yet effective, home remedies for mosquito bites is ice. Whenever you get bitten, be it by a mosquito or a wasp, one of the best things to do is shock it with some ice. Bites make you go round the bend with their itchiness, and sometimes mosquito bites can swell up quite a lot, but ice will actually numb the nerves that are responsible for all that itching. They will also reduce the pain, with the result being no more itching and no more pain. Yay!

4. Pass The Honey

As a natural home remedy for mosquito bites, honey is something of a double-edge sword. It comes with a fab antibacterial agent, which makes it suitable for preventing your bite(s) from getting infected. At the same time, though, honey is very sweet, and mosquito’s gravitate towards sweetness. Oh no! For this reason, whilst honey is a suitable remedy, it’s something you should use with caution.

5. Milk & Water

Another one of great home remedies for mosquito bites is the mixture of milk and water. To get this remedy to work, you need to mix milk and water (equal parts) into a handkerchief before applying it to the bites. Milk and water remedy works surprisingly well, and provides relief from swelling, itching and inflammation. Yup, all three! In this way, it’s like a super remedy and we love it.

Moreover, because mosquito bites more frequently occur during hot weather, it’s worth mentioning that milk and water is also great at easing sunburn.

6. Vinegar

You’re probably used to dousing your fish and chips in vinegar, but as well as providing a bit of kick to your food, vinegar is also one of fantastic natural, home remedies for mosquito bites. If you’ve got a really bad bite that won’t stop itching, vinegar, with its high acidity content, can save the day.

If you’ve got a lot of bites to deal with, you can dilute a couple of cups of vinegar in your bath and then lower yourself in there, it’s also a great way for quelling those pesky mosquito bites.

7. Mix Water With Meat Tenderiser To Create A Paste

This might sound like a strange and complex concoction from the middle ages, but let us explain….

Well, you have to remember that venoms are rich in protein (but not in a good way like tuna), and because meat tenderiser contains papain, which is known to break down protein, the logic to be deduced from this is that a paste containing meat tenderiser will be able to break down the venom.

Cation: This treatment might be suitable for once-only-use, in case of a serious bite, when you don’t have anything else at hand. Meat tenderiser should not be used regularly though, as it can actually break down the structure of the skin, as well as possibly cause skin damage.

8. Have Some Tea

Unfortunately, a good old cup of tea is not enough to quell a vicious mosquito bite, but a tea bag can provide the perfect antidote to swelling. You’ve probably already heard that tea bags can help you get rid of under-eye puffiness, but if you’re not convinced by that, you should at least be ready to be convinced that the bags can reduce swellings from mozzie bites.

It’s all to do with the tannins found in tea, as they draw excess fluid from the bite.

9. Witch Hazel

Another one of effective home remedies for mosquito bites is witch hazel. If you haven’t already heard of it, witch hazel is a plant-based astringent that you can use in conjunction with baking soda to produce a past of-sorts that will help to draw out excess fluid, thereby easing swelling.

10. Peppermint

Have you heard that toothpaste is an excellent remedy for easing itching from mosquito bites? This may be so far, but the problem is that toothpaste just isn’t natural enough. Peppermint, on the other hand, is, and it may well be the minty flavouring found in toothpaste that provides such welcome relief to mosquito bites.

Peppermint is a good remedy for itchiness from bites, because it produces a cooling sensation that mends its way to the brain quicker than the itching. And because our brains can only process one of these two sensations each time (I know, you would have thought our brain could process, like, a million), the cooling agents often take precedence. In this way, peppermint works similarly to ice.

Do you know other home remedies for mosquito bites?

Stay happy!

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