10 Natural bath soaks to relax, rejuvenate and detoxify your body

Detox bath soaks have been used by ladies all around the world for centuries as a way of relaxing the mind and the body and drawing out some of the toxins that accumulate in the system. Cleopatra used to travel all the way from Egypt to the Dead Sea, just to bathe in the healing waters, but you don’t need to go to all that trouble to enjoy a relaxing bath soak. To create a deep cleansing bath soak, you can add just a few ingredients to your bath water, and it will make it far more effective than just a regular bath. Here are ten ingredients that you can use for natural bath soaks. Some of them are classics, some you may never have heard of, but they are all wonderful for detoxing bath soaks you can enjoy at home.

1. Baking soda

Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, to give it its scientific name, is one of the simplest ingredients that you can add to your bath water to turn an ordinary bath into a detoxing bath soak. Just add a couple of spoons of baking soda to your bath and it will ease away the stresses of the day. Baking soda is also very good for neutralising the chlorine that is in tap water too.

2. Sea salt

A sea salt bath soak is one of the oldest and best known ways to relax and it is also said to be one of the best ways to remove toxins from your body. You need natural sea salt, though, not the iodised white table salt, because sea salt contains minerals that are beneficial for your skin and help with the detox process. If you take a sea salt bath in the mornings, it is said to give you an energy boost that will last you all day long.

3. Ginger

Ginger has many health benefits when you eat it, but did you know that you can use it in a detox bath as well? Add a quarter cup of grated ginger to your bathwater and it turns up the heat and makes you sweat out all the toxins from your body. Just lay back in the bath and relax for about thirty minutes and then, when you get out, wrap yourself in a large towel and the effect of the ginger will carry on working for about another hour. Be warned, though, a ginger bath soak will make you sweat, so it’s not one to be used just before you are about to go out for the evening!

4. Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is said to be able to draw heavy metal toxins from the body, which we can pick up through drinking tap water and it’s in some types of food. If you don’t detox regularly, these heavy metals can build up in your body and cause a variety of health issues. Add a scoop of bentonite clay to your bath and it will draw toxins out of the body and it is also great for soothing tired and aching muscles.

5. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an amazing ingredient that has so many different health and beauty uses. One of which is using it as a relaxing bath soak. Add a couple of cups of apple cider vinegar to the bath and it will improve blood circulation in your skin, soothe any inflammation, and it will fight any infection and balance out the PH of your skin.

6. Essential oils

You can add essential oils to your bath and you will get all the wonderful benefits of aromatherapy along with your detoxing bath soak. Pick your favourite essential oil. You can use lavender for its calming effect, peppermint to combat fatigue, rosemary if you have a headache, or grapefruit to pick up your spirits. Add a few drops of your essential oil to your bath, along with some Epsom salts and baking soda, and the combination of ingredients will have you de-stressed and relaxed in no time at all.

7. Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is one of the super-detox ingredients that will draw toxins right out of the body. In fact, activated charcoal is said to be so good at doing this, but you don’t want to add too much of it to your bath water. It’s also very good for treating skin conditions like acne, rashes and insect bites. Add a quarter cup of activated charcoal to your bath water, soak for about fifteen minutes and then rinse off in the shower when you have finished.

8. Epsom salts

Epsom salts are another simple ingredient that has the power to detox the body. A hot Epsom salt bath is also said to be able to help improve circulation and the functioning of the nerves. The best way to take an Epsom salt bath is to add one or two cups of Epsom salts to your bath water and about five drops of your favourite essential oil.

9. Witch hazel

Witch hazel has no end of benefits for the skin. It can help to heal bruises, soothe a rash, and it can fight acne too. Just add half a cup of witch hazel to your bath and soak for about fifteen minutes. Witch hazel can be quite drying, so when you have cooled down and stopped sweating, it would be a good idea to massage in a body lotion to keep your skin hydrated.

10. Homemade milk bath recipe

This is a wonderful recipe for soothing and softening your skin. In this bath soak you have milk to moisturise your skin, corn starch to soothe any irritation, and baking soda to soften the skin. You can also add a few drops of essential oil for some scent as well, if you like. Just add a cup of milk, half a cup of corn-starch and baking soda to your bath water, then lay back and let your bath soak work its magic.

Stay beautiful!

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