10 Amazing Home Remedies For Dry Hands

Before suffering from dry hands, I would have asked the question “but aren’t all hands dry?”

It seems almost like a ridiculous question because, of course, our hands are dry. On a binary level, hands are dry when they’re not wet. For example, when you dry your hands on a towel after washing the dishes, your hands are now dry.

But dry hands – like dry skin – is actually a very real skin complaint that is characterised by hard, dry, rugged and often scaly skin that can crack, itch, plus, bleed, and even get infected.

In other words, it’s totally different to drying your hands after showering and saying “my hands are dry.”

Dry hands can also look really unsightly, and can wreck your confidence. They can create cosmetic problems, too. And while massaging your hans with over-the-counter ointments and creams is certainly an option, it’s a rather expensive one. Instead, why not check out these 10 amazing home remedies for dry hands:

Shea Butter

Dry hands tend be worse in the morning, as well as anytime during the cold, wintry months when Old Man Winter loves nothing more than to wreck havoc on your skin.

Shea butter costs very little to buy, but is an effective way of treating dryness and chapping of your hands.

So that you don’t wake up with dried hands, it’s a good idea to cover the affected areas in copious amounts of shea butter before you go to bed for the night. Massage it on your skin for around ten minutes until it’s fully absorbed.

In the morning, you should wake up with soft and shiny hands for once. Wonderful!

Almond Oil Massage

Almond oil is another one of amazing home remedies for dry hands, because it contains plenty of skin rejuvenating vitamin E. I love it – and soon you will, too.

Simple massage your hands with copious amounts of almond oil to starve off skin infections and dryness. Apply before bed to wake up with fresh, invigorated hands.

Olive Oil

So, it turns out that olive oil is not just for cooking with. It’s an important part of the Mediterranean diet that helps people live longer, and it also takes good care of your skin.

Not all oils are skin-friendly, but olive oil certainly is. It’s the humectant content that make sure your hand’s moisture doesn’t evaporate.

All you need to do is take a pinch of olive oil before gently smearing it on the affected area. Leave to settle for at least an hour and then have a soothing soak in the bed.

You can also apply it before bed so that you wake up with gorgeous skin.

Castor Oil and Sugar Scrub

Another one of great home remedies for dry hands is castor oil and sugar scrub.

One of the chief causes of dry skin is an excessive amount of dead skin cells that have accumulated on the surface of your hands. You can’t always see these deceased cells – but you can certainly see their results! They cause scaling and roughness. It doesn’t look pretty.

In such cases, you need to exfoliate your hands, and this mixture is a great exfoliator. Add castor oil to a small bowl of sugar before rubbing the combination into your hands unto the sugar melts away.

Then, rinse with warm water.


You have to be a little careful with steaming because you’re going to be handling boiling hot water. Exercise a bit of caution and you’ll be fine.

Steaming is one of fabulous home remedies for dry hands, it’s an effective way of removing dryness, as well as dirt and dead skin cells that have built up on your hands layers. And it is these dead skin cells that are often responsible for dry, cracked hands. Not cool.

Before you steam, I suggest rubbing some petroleum jelly on your hands.

Then, take a pot of boiling hot water (or you could just use water from the hot tap). Hold your hands above the steaming water for as long as you can.

Apple Cider Vinegar With Cornmeal

My grandmother used to treat everything with apple cider vinegar. And it turns out she was right to use it to remedy her dry hands.

Double down by combining it with cornmeal for better results. Rub this paste on your hands for around fifteen minutes before washing with lukewarm water. Do this twice a day for best results.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another one of great home remedies for dry hands and it can be used for many everyday things, because of its natural healing and moisturising properties.

To save money, it’s a really good idea to invest in an aloe plant that you can look after at home.

Alternatively, you can buy aloe vera gel from a health store.

However you get your gel, you need to apply it copiously over your dry hands before leaving for a few minutes. Apply more coats for maximum results and then wash your hands and pat dry.

The gel from the aloe plant is very good at making your skin soft and supple once more, and it can stop infections getting into the cracks in your hands.

Lemon, Tomato And Glycerine Juice

Combining these three is a marvellously effective way of eliminating and preventing dryness on your hands. It’s a potent mixture that will remove all symptoms.

Mix equal amounts of each in a bowl before applying to your skin and massaging for up to ten minutes. Do this each day and eventually you will see some fab results.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a pretty abrasive material, but this is what you need if you’re to remove dead skin cells from your hands.

Rub baking soda on your hands before leaving for around 15 minutes. Rinse, before moisturising your hands with lotion for smoother skin.

Egg Yolk

Egg whites are used in a number of DIY home remedies, but it’s the egg yolk that we’re going to use here.

The egg yolk is a valuable resource for healing. It’s rich in nutrients, proteins and fat, all of which benefit your skin. Crucially, they can prevent dryness.

Extract the egg yolk and beat it for a minute or so. Then, gently massage it over your hands before leaving to set for 30 minutes or so. Let it work its magic.

Once the yolk has dried, grab a good herbal soap and rinse it off.

After a week of doing this each day you should start to see some positive results.

What are your favorite home remedies for dry hands?

Stay beautiful!

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