10 Amazing Beauty Hacks Using Olive Oil

Got dry skin, hang nails and seem to be having a bad hair day all the time? Olive oil can help.

We all love a beauty secrets. Mine is olive oil. This kitchen staple that you probably have in your cupboards right now certainly has its culinary uses (I can’t get enough of it on my Greek salad). And while guys have cottoned onto the fact that olive oil can stimulate beard growth (what?!), it’s taken girls a little bit longer to realise that olive oil has a remarkable amount of beauty benefits.

Olive oil has actually been a key part of many women’s beauty regimen throughout history. For example, Cleopatra used it! But for whatever reason, it’s still largely ignored by a lot of us in the western world.

Olive oil enhances your beauty by virtue of the fact that it’s rich in hydrating squalene and anti-ageing antioxidants. It’s fab for your skin, your hair and even your nails. Like coconut oil, it should be a must in your beauty treatment regime.

Let’s take a look at 10 amazing beauty hacks using olive oil.

Olive Oil Can Soothe Itchy Skin

If you have really dry, really itchy skin, olive oil is here to save the day. Lathering it on after a shower is an easy way to soothe your skin. Double it up with chamomile essential oil for enhanced results. Magic!

Olive Oil Can Be Used To Moisturise Your Hair

If you’re already serious about hair health, you’ll know all about the importance of hair moisturising. Moisture doesn’t help your hair to grow, but it does play a key role in retaining hair growth. Moreover, it helps your hair to feel and look better, and helps to reduce dryness.

But are you aware that olive oil work as a potent hair moisturiser?

It sure does. To use olive oil as a hot oil treatment for you hair, heat the oil first. Then, rub it into your hair before allowing to sit for about half an hour.

The hotter the better. For more heat, use a blow dryer.

Olive Oil Can Soften Your Hands

You might already be using moisturising cream that you bought from a drug store of supermarket. But as you know, moisturising creams are expensive. They can also sometimes contain harmful chemicals, and are not a very natural way of softening your skins.

For softer, healthy hands, I recommend using something you already have in the kitchen – olive oil.

Olive oil is cheaper than expensive hand lotion, and is more natural, too. While cooking a meal, why not also rub some of the oil into your hands?

You should also apply olive oil to your hands before bed for maximum results.

Olive Oil Can Work As A Lip Scrub

Sometimes, our lips get chapped. And if you’ve ever experienced chapped lips, you’ll know how much of a nightmare chapped lips can be. They’re horrendous!

For a more natural chapped lip fix, try olive oil. All you need to do is combine a tsp of olive oil with some coarse sugar before adding a pinch of lemon juice for a bit of flavour. Then, apply to your lips.

If necessary, you can even apply the recipe to the rest of your body!

Olive Oil Cares For Your Nails

You love your nails. I know you do. Guys think we pay a lot of attention to our nails in order to impress them, but as we know – they don’t notice anyway. It’s likelier that we pay a lot of attention to our nails to impress our girlfriends.

But most of all, caring for our nails just makes us feel good.

Olive oil can help keep your nails glistening. When you apply olive oil to your hands to soften your skin, you should also rub some into your nails and cuticles. This will keep your nails healthy and durable.

Olive Oil Can Help To Remove Eye-Makeup

Does slathering olive oil all over your face actually benefit you? Yes!

Although it sounds like it wouldn’t work, it actually does. The oil grabs hold of your makeup, and removes particularly stubborn eye-makeup that just doesn’t want to shift.

Once you’re done, rinse the oil off with warm water.

Olive Oil Can Eliminate Dandruff

Dandruff is a pest. It just doesn’t look nice, and its always a truly horrifying moment whenever someone cheekily asks you if it’s been snowing.

Not cool.

Dandruff occurs in a lot of women. It’s characterised by itching and flakes of skin that cluster on your shoulders.

There are a lot of shampoos that claim to be eliminate dandruff, but they’re not natural. Moreover, they contain questionable ingredients. Olive oil is a much safer option. To use it as an effective dandruff treatment, rub it onto your scalp before be at night. Then, sleep with a bath cap over your hair.

Olive Oil Works As A Face Mask

For a simple and effective homemade face mask, take an egg yolk and combine it with a tbsp of olive oil. Then, apply it to your face before allowing to sit for about 10 minutes.

Wash over with warm water.

Olive Oil Can Reduce And Prevent Wrinkles

Wrinkles are a hideous sign that we’re getting old and there is nothing we can do about them. We just have to suck it up.

But is this true?

Not a jot! While wrinkles do form as part of the ageing process, there are many factors that can speed up the ageing process, thereby causing us age – and wrinkle – quicker than actually has to be the case. For example, smoking and too much exposure to the sun can create wrinkles.

There are preventative measures you can take to guard against wrinkles, and applying olive oil is one of them. Rich in antioxidants, olive oil should be applied to your skin at least twice a week if you want to retain a smooth, soft and wrinkle-free body. It’s especially effective on dry skin.

Olive Oil Creates Soft, Shiny Hair

Want your hair to shine the way it did on Facebook photos from 2012? Well, now it can. Simply yea olive oil for a few minus before adding it to your hair for half an hour.

Stay beautiful!

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