Why you should choose your friends wisely?

Friends help to make life amazing. But not all friends are good for us. In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at why you should choose your friends wisely.

When you were a kid, you probably weren’t very selective when it came to choosing your friends. If someone lived next door to you, they were automatically your best friend. If someone waved at you on the street, boom! you’d made a new friend. It was easy. Everyone could be your friend! It didn’t matter if you liked Britney and she liked Beyonce, you were going to get along and form a girl band.

However, as you become an adult, it’s a lot harder to stay in touch with friends. You’ve got more responsibilities. You have to work, you might have children to look after, a partner to spend time with and so on. You can’t spend all your time singing with your friends and playing tag. As such, you have to pick and choose who to spend your time with.

And yet it’s not as simple as picking and choosing on the basis of how much time you’ve got free and which friend happens to want to hang out today. Neither is it as simple as prioritising friends you’ve had since childhood. In fact, sometimes they are the friends you need to move on from. As you get older, you have to pick and choose your friends wisely, with great care. Here’s why:

Some Friends Cause More Harm Than Good

We’ve all had friends who have been our biggest cheerleaders. You know the kind: They root for us no matter what we do. They believe in us more than we believe in ourselves, and we know we can always count on them to show up when we need them. Then, there are the friends who claim to be more “realistic,” but who are just discouragers at heart. They put us down when we reveal our big dreams and plans. They say to us that we must stay “grounded,” but it feels like they’re just jealous and resentful that we’re moving forward in life. Newsflash: They probably are jealous and resentful that we’re moving forward. Some old friends you’ve had since childhood will of course love to see you take giant leaps in life. They’ll revel in your happiness – especially if they’ve also moved forward. Others, however, have stood still since high school. They haven’t gone anywhere. They’re still stuck in the same job they hate, and they complain about their “boring life.” And when they see you taking action and making big plans, they get scared and want you to stay on their level.

Ignore the negativity. Better yet, if they refuse to change, move on from them. Negative friends who can’t be happy for you infect you with their limited attitude. You really don’t need it. These are not the right friends for you.

Successful People Drive Us

One of the reasons why successful people are so successful is that they hang out with other successful people. A lot of the time, they deliberately choose to hang out with people who are more successful than them because they know that these winners will bring the best out of them. There is a common theory that if you want to be a millionaire, you should hang out with millionaires. While this sounds superficial, it really isn’t. It’s all to do with looking out for your best interests and making friends with people who bring out the best in you – rather than the worst. And what’s so bad about that?

Too Many Friends Can Cause You Stress

There is a great episode of Seinfeld, where Jerry has to turn down a psychotic “potential new friend” on the basis that he already has three – which he deems is more than enough. And indeed for many of us, three might just be the magic number. While there is nothing wrong with networking and making new contacts, making too many actual friends could cause you a lot of stress. You’ll have a lot of people to juggle, and there will be a great demand on your time – as well as your purse. This is another good reason to choose your friends wisely. If you can’t say No to making more friends, how will you ever say No when they all wanna hang out all the time? Time is a valuable commodity, and yours is really important. Focus on quality and not quantity, and remember that an expanded social circle can be very hard to stay on top of.

Choose Your Friends Wisely, Because Your Friends Can Literally Make Or Break You

“I’m going to stay in tonight,” you say, determined to stand your ground. “I’ve got a business plan to work on.”

“Come onnnnnn, you can work on that tomorrow,” your friends say. “Don’t be boring!”

You know you’re going to weaken. It’s inevitable. Especially now that you’ve been called boring. You hate that! And so you go out with the girls. One cocktail turns into five, and you wake up with an almighty hangover. The business plan isn’t happening for at least another week.

Friends can literally make or break us like this. They can push us on towards higher things, or they can keep us at the same level – literally forever. Remember this when choosing your friends.

You Will Be Judged On The Company You Keep

This is another reason on why you should choose your friends wisely. Ever judged a potential boyfriend on the type of people he hangs out with? We all have. Why? Because it’s an excellent way of gauging someone’s character. Birds of a feather do indeed flock together. We hang out with those who share our values, and a lot of the time we become our friends. We adopt their quirks, their positive or negative attitude – and other people, for right or wrong, judge us according to who’s in our squad. So what’s your entourage like? Does it reflect who you really are? Or does it tarnish you with a brush you don’t like?

Stay happy!

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