Why It’s Never Too Late To Start Over And Reinvent Yourself?

One of my favourite quotes is by U.S. activist and musician Henry Rollins…he says that we “must define ourselves by reinvention.”

I was at a bit of a crossroads in my life when I first came across this quote. Thanks to recent events, I was in a bit of a hole and didn’t know how to get out. My life had changed, but unfortunately I was too stubborn to accept the change. I wanted things to return to how they were, despite the fact that things were never going to be the same again. I could either continue resisting the change, or I could embrace uncertainty and reinvent myself.

I was at the point of my life when I thought it was just too late to change. A massive upheaval in my life seemed so daunting and I was scared. Moreover, it felt as though I had no one to look up to. I didn’t know anyone who had reinvented themselves. As such, I wasn’t aware of the value of doing such a thing.

And then I read the quote.

“We must define ourselves by reinvention.”

It struck a massive chord with me and woke me from my near-comatose state. I began to research the value of change and reinvention. And you know what? Reinvention is amazing. It means a fresh start. It means new opportunities and new perspectives. It means trying something different, embracing the future and leaving behind the past.

It’s exciting. And in case you were worried that you’re just too old to reinvent yourself, here are a few reasons why that is not – and never will be – the case.

You Have Valuable Experience

Is it harder to reinvent yourself when you have more or less experience?

The truth is that it doesn’t matter. When you reinvent yourself, it’s important that you approach everything with a beginners mind that is unprejudiced by past experiences and perspectives. Otherwise, how are you truly reinventing yourself if your past is still dictating your current thought processes?

However. Your experience will prove valuable as you make the steps from one part of your life to the next. You have experienced change before. For example, you made the transition from school to work. Use this experience to help guide you whenever you lose your footing during your newest transition. When the ground looks shaky, remember how you succeeded the last time your life underwent change.

Life Is For Living

Life is for living, no matter how old we get. You and I can have the same joyful experiences as children as long as we realise this.

Life is for everyone. There are no discriminations. If your life doesn’t feel quite right at the moment, if there is something missing, you are only punishing yourself by not making the change. No one else is stopping you. No one else cares. Your limits are self-imposed.

Attitude Is More Important Than Age

Attitude counts much more than age. People who focus too much on the age factor are people who have the wrong attitude right from the start. They have erected barriers and are saying “I cannot do this.”

Forget all about age. Its jus an abstraction. It doesn’t count against you or for you. It just is.

Your attitude, however, is either going to count for you or against you. Your ability to reinvent yourself comes down to your attitude, and not a lot else. The attitude you have towards life and change will have a massive impact not only on whether you reinvent yourself or not – but how well you do it.

Be positive. Be energetic. Be ready. Do it.

You’re In This For The Right Reasons

When we’re younger, we don’t always do something for the right reasons. For example, a teenager might join a band simply to pick up girls, or a student might take a filmmaking degree just because it’s the easy option.

But now that you’re older, you’re also wiser. You’ve mastered the decision-making process, you’re more sincere in your motivations. You know when to say No to something and when to say Yes to something. As such, your ability to reinvent yourself is higher than you perhaps assumed.

You Have So Much Choice

Whenever I think of abundance, I’m always reminded of Flora, the goddess of abundance who was perpetually surrounded by flowers. Paintings of her are so ethereal, and so inspiring.

When we’re younger, people tell us that the world is our oyster. We have SO many choices in front of us that it’s almost scary.

But guess what? You have just as many choices right now! In fact, I’d argue that with your skills and experiences, you have even MORE choices than those younger than you.

The hard bit right now shouldn’t even be overcoming the mental shackles you’ve imposed on yourself because of your age. Instead, it should be deciding how to reinvent yourself.

You’ve Got A Network – So Use It

Another big advantage you have over younger people is that you’ve arguably got a bigger network than them.

And your network could probably use your skills and expertise.

In fact, there are probably people in your life who have been desperate for you to change for the last few years because they know you’ve got so much more potential that you and them could harness.

Never be afraid to leave your comfort zone. Team up with people you know for a brighter, different future.

Because No One Is Stopping You!

Have you ever applied for a class only to be told that you’re too old?

Have you ever made an online order only to be told you’re too old, buy something else?

Have you ever tried to book a training course, jump out of a plane, go travelling only to be told you’re too old?

Didn’t think so. Quit the excuses. Make something happen.

Stay happy!

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