What to do on a Sunday? 10 Sunday rituals that can improve your life

Do you remember the Sundays of old? The stores were all closed, few cars were on the road and everyone took a Sunday afternoon stroll. Well, those lazy Sundays may be a thing of the past, but it’s still worth making Sunday a special day. It gives you a break from the rigours of the last week and helps you get ready for next. Here are ten Sunday rituals that might just help improve your life:

1. Get up early

Well, reasonably early anyway! With no work on the agenda for the day, some people spend all Sunday morning in bed. Why waste a beautiful day, though? And, anyway, it will only make you feel worse, when you have to get up early again on Monday.

2. Have a big breakfast

Take time over Sunday breakfast, it’s probably the only day that you can. Eating a big hearty breakfast with the family, or while you read the Sunday papers, is the perfect way to begin this fantastic day of rest and of relaxation.

3. Go for a walk

Clear your head with a nice stroll in the fresh air or take the kids to the park. Even today, everyone seems to be that little bit more chilled on a Sunday, so it will be peasant and peaceful time, and a walk will work up an appetite for that huge Sunday lunch that you are about to enjoy.

4. Catch up on some reading

Now is the perfect time to get your nose into a good book. Hopefully, you won’t get any phone calls from work, and the emails can wait until Monday, so lose yourself for a while in a really good yarn or visit some faraway places for an hour or two. You deserve a little escapism on a Sunday.

5. Have a family Sunday lunch

Sunday lunch can often be the only time that many families get to sit together and talk, so make the most of it! A nice meal, a glass of wine and a catch up with what the kids have been up to. It’s the perfect way to bring the family together, if only for once a week.

6. Fall asleep in front of a movie

You’ve had your walk, you’ve eaten too much lunch and, maybe, you’ve had one glass of wine too many. So, after all that Sunday exertion, what better way to recuperate, than watching an old movie on the TV and having a little snooze? No harm in that, after all, it’s what Sundays are for.

7. Enjoy your hobby

Turning your hand to something creative is a great way to continue your stress free Sunday afternoon. Try a bit of painting, singing, craft work, or a tidy up in the garden. There will be plenty of time for more hectic things to do, come Monday.

8. Get some quality time with the children

And don’t forget the children either, Sundays are probably the only days that you will get time for them as well. However old or young they are, whether you play with them on the floor or go visit them at their place, making Sundays a family day will improve your life and theirs.

9. Start planning the week ahead

As Sunday draws to a close, your thoughts will invariably turn to the week ahead. Take some of this calm time to plan your week. Think about your targets and your goals and think positively about what you aim to achieve. A bit of thought and planning now, might help the week run more smoothly later.

10. Make Sunday your day. Enjoy it!

However you choose to spend your Sunday, make it a day for just you. People have known how important it is to have one rest day a week for centuries and now, as we are even busier than ever, that one day of stress relieving relaxation is even more important, than it has ever been. Enjoy!

What are your favorite things to do on Sunday?

Stay happy!

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