What men find attractive in women?

Looks aren’t everything. Moreover, they can’t really be changed. But ever wanted to know how to be more beautiful simply by tweaking your personality? In this article, Beauty and Tips are going to take a look at 10 fabulous personalities that will make you more attractive and beautiful.

Many of us are obsessed with the way we look. But have you ever seen a couple together and thought that one was way hotter than the other?

“How has she managed to get together with him?” you ask a friend.

The answer is a good personality.

Indeed, ask anyone and they’ll surely tell you that a good, attractive personality can instantly  make a person appear more beautiful. If what’s on the inside is gorgeous, its light soon begins to radiate on the outside.

And that is incredibly attractive.

People want to be around soulful, smart, caring, funny people. They want to date these kinds of people, fall in love with them, live with them and have kids with them. If you think that perhaps your personality needs a bit of work, let’s take a look at 10 fab personality traits that make you more attractive and beautiful.


Guys like their girls to have a bit of substance. In other words, they like to date girls who are going places.

Girls without goals tend to lack enthusiasm. Maybe they’re bored, directionless and live for the weekend. They don’t know where they want to be in five years’ time because they haven’t really thought about it.

“I guess I’d just like to be happy,” they say.

When a girl has goals, she has drive and ambition. She wants more out of life, and she’s determined to get it.

When a girl has somewhere she wants to go, it’s incredibly arousing for a guy.


Another personality trait that can take the shine off a girl and make her seem kinda dull and therefore not very attractive is apathy to everything around them. They don’t really want to know how the world was created, nor do they care about art. Politics bores them, as do the “mysteries of the universe.”

All they really wanna know is how your day was, what you want for dinner tonight, how much gin is left and when the next Beyonce concert is.

Oh, and where they’re going next for their holiday.

All very reasonable stuff, and we all have similar questions. But what makes a girl really stand out from the crowd is her curiosity for the world around her. Girls who live with a sense of wonder and romance for how things are and what they mean are incredibly beautiful to guys. It shows that they’re passionate creatures who want to learn and improve.

Sense Of Humour

Being too serious all the time is a major turn-off. Does it make us more mysterious and therefore more attractive? No! It just makes us unapproachable.

People who can laugh at themselves and each other, and who can moreover make others laugh, are generally relaxed, friendly, sociable people. And this is an attractive quality to have.


Some people assume that others see vulnerability as a major turn-off because it makes us look weak. It exposes our deficiencies and shows that we’re not as strong as we though we were.

On the contrary, vulnerability makes you more attractive because it shows that you’re real. It shows that you’re a real human being who has fears and anxieties – just like the rest of us.

Vulnerability helps a relationship to grow because it shows honesty and humility in a person.

People might be bowled over in the short-term by artificial personalities, but it’s vulnerability that we find endearing in the long-term.


Negativity is a killer and it instantly makes you appear much more attractive than you really are. People warm towards positive people – they love to be around them! Positive people make us smile, make us laugh, and inspire us to be the best version of ourselves. How beautiful is that?


Anyone who is a compassionate person automatically becomes more beautiful.

Just think of all the people you’ve met in your life – the caring ones and the ones who didn’t give a stuff about anything. Who, to you, had the most beautiful soul?

Remembering Stuff

How annoying is it when someone literally can’t remember anything about you, not even your name? It’s really frustrating and a major turn-off!

That’s why it’s so attractive when someone remembers stuff – especially your name.

A good memory shows that a person respects and cares for you enough to take note of your name and a few things that you like. And that’s really sweet and beautiful.

High Standards

Low standards aren’t really endearing. It just shows that you’ll settle for anything, even second best. Worse still, it kinda shows that you don’t really care.

Girls who have high standards are attractive because they encourage the people they are with to reach for the top. They have ambitions in life to be the best, and they want others to match their ambitions.

Moreover, you can be sure that girls with high standards aren’t going to be the one who lets her standards slip. She won’t tolerate other people walking all over her. She won’t be the one who gives up easily and settles for comfort and mundanity.


We’re not all organised people. Indeed, some of us would readily admit that we’re kind messy.

But being organised is a personality trait that people find attractive. A clean desk suggests a clean mind. It also suggests that here is a clued-up, successful, driven person who is going places in life – and thats really attractive.


We saved this one for last because it’s perhaps the most obvious one. But, yes, having lots of confidence is a personality trait that makes you appear more attractive.

Indeed, confidence is the reason why guys who are not so obviously handsome get hot girls. It’s always a winner. It’s a breathtaking quality that can literally get you anything you want.

What men find attractive in women? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!

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