Don’t Be Discouraged If You Are Single On Valentine’s Day

Single on Valentine’s Day? No problem! There are still many things you can do.

We know how it is. Your friends are happily in relationships, which means they’re all busy on Valentine’s Day. But it doesn’t really matter because you’re going to be busy too.

After all, you’re Miss Independent who’s always got plans. Sure, having a boy to spend February 14h with would be nice. But who needs a boy when you’ve got your mates, a bit of creativity and some imagination?

Although being single sucks some of the time, it certainly doesn’t have to suck all of the time.

And it definitely doesn’t have to suck on Valentine’s Day. For a good time this February, here are 10 things you can do to make the most romantic day of the year totally awesome even if you’re single.

Get Together With Your Other Single Friends And Head Out

You know your single friends? Like you, they won’t have a boy to wine and dine them on Valentine’s Day. Like you, they’ll be twiddling their thumbs, wondering what they could be doing.

So why don’t you round them all up and have a night out together?

All the single ladies put your hands up!

All you need is your friends, an action plan and some cocktails.

And who knows? By the end of the night, at least one of you might have met a new man.


Doesn’t working on Valentine’s Day sound horrible?

Not really! Especially if you’re a little bit behind with your work at the moment, using the time when all your friends are busy to catch up on your work is an excellent idea.

You’ll feel fantastic when you’re all done, knowing that you’ve used your time wisely.

And at the end of the evening, you can treat yourself to a glass of wine. Divine!

Play Curious Cupid

No doubt you’ve already played Secret Santa at work or college. But have you ever played Curious Cupid?

Curious Cupid is for the singletons on Valentine’s Day who need cheering up, and who would really like to receive a gift from someone.

Like Secret Santa, you and your colleagues or friends put your names in a hat. The names are pulled out on by one, and you have to buy the person you pull out a gift.

It’s simple and helps to put a smile on the face of those who are single this year.

And if you want to be extra romantic, sign your present “from your secret admirer”!

Do Something You’ve Been Putting Off

We’ve all got something we’ve been putting off doing. Whether it’s paying our tax bill, organising our calendar or clearing out or stock, there is always something.

On the one night of the year when your friends are all out with their boyfriends and you really don’t want to be reminded that you’re single, why not bury your head in a few chores you’ve been putting off and putting off?

It sounds rather dull, but you’ll feel super fulfilled at the end of the day. We promise!

Watch A Hunk On TV

Okay, so you can’t cuddle up on the sofa with a man this Valentine’s Day. It would have been nice, we know. But why not do the next best thing instead?

Yep, spend the evening in the company of your favourite celebrity crush on TV. Watch a Leonardo Di Caprio movie or a Benedict Cumberbatch box set.

Or, if you’re feeling extra saucy, why not just throw on Magic Mike XXL?

Who needs a date when you’ve got Channing Tatum anyway …

Join A Dating Site

To make sure you’re not single again this time next year, why not take the steps to ensure it doesn’t happen?

Joining a dating site on Valentine’s Day is a good idea because there will be plenty of likeminded guys online at the same time as you. They’re also looking for love because they don’t want to be single this time next year, too!

If you’ve never tried online dating before, there are numerous sites to choose from. Some are free, some aren’t, and each caters to different niches, needs and wants. A few you might want to check out include OKCupid, Match, E-Harmony and Plenty of Fish.

Treat Yourself

One of the very best ways to lift your spirits when you’re feeling a bit lousy and alone is to treat yourself to something nice.

And when you don’t have to spend any money on a man, it means that there is more money for yourself.

So there’s no date night tonight. Look at the positives: Instead of buying an expensive meal, you can pop online and treat yourself to a nice new dress or a pair of shoes!

And why not? You deserve it!

Throw A Party

Not everyone who is in a relationship on Valentine’s Day is spending it with their partner. Moreover, we’re sure you’ve got single friends who are up for a party.

And who’s to say that any couples you know wouldn’t be interested in a party?

Put the word out on Facebook that you’re having a party tonight. Send out the invites and be the hostess with the most.

Invite boys, of course – and ask your friends to invite any boys they know, too! (you never know what could happen!!)


You may not have a man to love this year, but you can still spread the love. Go and volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter and spread positive vibes. Make others feel happy, and make their Valentine’s Day extra special.

Spend Time With Your Family

Instead of moping around your house feeling very sorry for yourself, why not use this opportunity to see your family?

Especially if you don’t get to see your family all that much, popping over to see them on Valentine’s Day is a fab idea.

If your mom and dad are busy having a romantic evening, see your siblings instead. If they’re busy, how about you offer to babysit for someone?

Or maybe you could talk about your relationship dramas with your nephew or niece!

Stay happy!

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