Positive thinking tips: 10 Steps to more optimistic and positive you

How to think positive thoughts? When you are hit with an onslaught of bad news, it can be difficult take an optimistic view on life and sometimes we sink into a downward spiral of negative thinking that makes us always think the worst. Reversing this negative trend can be done though, and you can start to see the good that exists around you again. Take a look at these 10 steps to get back on a positive track and create a new positive you:

1. Think of life as a journey. A worthwhile journey!

A journey is an adventure that is filled with the unexpected and so is life. Just as in a journey, there will be periods of uphill struggle, as well as downhill coasting, but at the end of it, the journey will have been worthwhile.

2. Slow down, open up your eyes and start noticing little pleasures of life

Racing through life, rushing from one fire to another, you will never get a chance to enjoy the simple things in life. Slow down a bit and give yourself a chance to take in the simple pleasures of life like music, food and reading, and it will remind you that not everything is as bad, as you might have thought.

3. Be kind and do good to others

It is a scientifically proven fact that people who do good things to others become a lot happier, than those who don’t. Lend a helping hand where you can and reach out for people who are in need, and you will feel better about yourself and better about life as a whole.

4. Start your day off the right foot, on a positive note

If you’re feeling low, then the mornings can be the worse time of day, when the negative thoughts flood into your mind. Take the positive step of starting your day by making a list of the things that you are grateful for and the things you are looking forward to. Block out the negatives with the positives, so that positive mood will stay with you all day long.

5. Feed off other people’s optimism and positivity

Positive thinking is a habit that is easily picked up. Surround yourself with positive, happy people and read books by positive role models from history. The more you hear and read positivity from other people, the more optimistic you will begin to feel yourself.

6. Become physically active and practice jumps of joy every morning

The last thing that you want to do is sit at home and mull over your problems. Get out and go for a walk or join a sports club to get some exercise. Another simple trick on how to start feeling good and positive is to practice jumps of joy regularly, every morning, for example. Exercise won’t make your problems go away, but it will release endorphins into your body, which will elevate your mood and enable you to tackle the problems more efficiently.

7. Make a conscious decision to stop the negative thoughts, as soon as you notice them

You have far more control over your own mind, than you think and you can stop the negative thoughts instantly. Practice consciously telling yourself not to think negatively and move your thoughts into something more positive. It might sound impossible, but try it, with practice, it really can work.

8. Stop catastrophizing, because your worst fears will probably never happen

Don’t always think of the worst that could happen, because it probably won’t. Remind yourself how many times that you have thought the worse and it never actually happened. Think instead of the best possible outcomes in every situation.

9. Make sure to do things that make you happy and don’t forget to have fun

Make some time to do the things that do make you happy. Try new things and take on new challenges, so that the things that make you unhappy are not your entire life. You can build your self-esteem and optimism by making sure that you are allowing enough time, quite simply, for fun.

10. Regain your sense of humor and learn to laugh at yourself

You can make life seem a whole lot better by learning to laugh and learning to laugh at yourself. You can help foster your sense of humor by reading funny books and watching comedy on TV. People who learn to laugh more have been found to be up to a third more positive, than those who don’t. What a great medicine to prescribe!

Do you have some other tips on how to become more optimistic and positive?

Feel free to share your tips and thoughts in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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