There are moments in life when we focus our attention on negativity, thus, failing to notice all the beauty and positivity that surrounds us every moment of every day. Today, let’s talk about various and countless reasons to rejoice and be be happy:

1) Every new day is a small miracle!

2) Dreams have tendency to come true, therefore, believe and dream on!

3) There is always a rainbow after the rain falls.

4) A hot bath with rose petals can become a solution for many problems.

5) When your special someone is far away, you can always see him/her in your dreams…

6) Kissing and hugging is very beneficial for your health and wellbeing. Do it often.

7) True friendship exists. Isn’t it a good reason to be happy?

8) Have you ever tried dancing in the rain? If not, you should! Kissing in the rain is even better!

9) An ice cream, together with flowers, is the best depression remedy!

10) Your smile is a drop into the ocean of world’s happiness. Smile often!

11) If you start believing in yourself, your life can become a happy fairytale!

12) Distance is not a problem anymore, because internet exists!

13) The best way to relieve stress is shopping!

14) There is a chance to bump into your soul mate while walking down the street, therefore, keep your eyes and heart open.

15) Happiness is the hand of the beloved on your shoulder.

16) Best things happen unexpectedly! Anticipate surprises form life!

17) You can see your reflection not only in the mirror, but also in loving eyes of your beloved.

18) There are always people who need your help, keep your heart open.

19) Chocolate exists! Isn’t it a good reason to jump of joy?!

20) There is someone in this world who needs you just as you are, exactly as you are!

21) If one of your dreams came true, dream on…

22) You can rejoice every day about how beautiful life is!

23) Every new day is a brand new canvas – paint anything you want!

24) Even if you have nothing right now, you have life, which contains the potential of everything!

25) You can always hide away from reality under a warm, cosy blanket.

26) It’s possible to make mistakes, then smile, get back up on your feet and never give up.

27) When life gives you lemons you should make lemonade…or stick them down your shirt and make your boobs look bigger!

28) Music is a good remedy from a bad mood.

29) All you need is love, forgiveness and…chocolate.

30) Eyes and smiles of children always make us happy!

31) Happiness is to fall asleep and wake up in the arms of the beloved.

32) There are so many stars in the sky…you can count them for thousand years and they will still stay countless.

33) There are other ways to change the world, than the use of photoshop.

34) When you are feeling down, you can always find someone who will listen and comfort you.

35) Every day is the new chance to find million reasons to be thankful about.

36) Nothing can change a person so dramatically, as the new hair color! 😉

37) You have a beautiful gift – your imagination. Use it! You can close your eyes and find yourself anywhere…

38) Hard work and patience always pay off.

39) Rejoice, because you can experience warm sand hugging your toes.

40) Smile at someone and see them smile back.

41) The sun is up, the sky is blue. It’s beautiful…and so are you!

42) Your inner beauty doesn’t need makeup.

43) At the end of the day, who you are is completely and totally up to you!

45) Every sunrise holds more promise, every sunset holds more peace!

46) At any given moment you have the power to say: “This is not how the story is going to end!”

47) This too shall pass!

48) Your value doesn’t depend on someone’s inability to see your worth!

49) Your smile is beautiful!

50) There is beauty in everything, just not everybody is able to see it!

51) There is something in you that the world needs!

52) Kindness and love cure almost everything!

53) All it takes to start changing your life is to change your perspective.

54) In spring, not only nature wakes up, so does love…

55) Don’t use your energy to worry, use it to believe.

Positive mental attitude can tremendously change your life, therefore, try to always see the bottle half full.

I hope you found it fun and useful. Feel free to share your own reasons to be happy in the comment’s section below.

Stay beautiful!


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