How To Set Life Goals That Ensure Fulfillment and Happiness?

For many of us, the ultimate goals in life are to be fulfilled and happy. But what goals do we need to set in order to achieve these overriding goals?

If you ask anyone who is always smiling and seems content with their life – including with who they are and where they are – they’ll probably tell you that the reason for their sense of fulfillment is that they first set out a series of goals to aim for.

Without goals, you have no target, no direction in life. And without a direction, it can be very hard to ensure happiness. To be content, you need to be sure of what you want.

Setting life goals is exciting. It creates pictures in your head of your dream life. If one of your goals is to live in an apartment by the ocean, just imagine how excited that will make you feel!

Writing down a goal is the writing down of a dream. It makes it more concrete, and it means that you have a greater chance of committing to the goal and actually seeing it through.

Let’s take a look at how you can set some life goals that will ensure fulfilment and happiness.

Evaluate Your Current Situation

One of the reasons successful people are so successful is because they’re very good at evaluating their lives. They can look at where they are right now and make an accurate assessment about things.

This is not always true of unmotivated, unsuccessful people who evaluate their lives poorly. They take a look at where they are right now and say things like, “my life sucks, but this is all I’m good for. I messed up so many times and got what I deserve.”

Before you start setting your goals, assess your current situation. How far have you come? What are you thankful for? What aspects of your life do you like and dislike? Are you healthy or unhealthy? Are you good at relationships?

Doing this gives you a better chance to envision how far you still need to go. It will also give you a better insight into what areas of your life need improving the most.

Realise What You’ll Lose Out On If You Don’t Set Goals

“If you don’t make your own plans, someone else will make you a part of their plan.”

     – Tony Robbins

The above is a very important quote that you should reiterate to yourself each day. Make it your morning affirmation. Repeat it as often as you can. Because it’s so scarily true – if you don’t harbour your own dreams and pursue them, you will fall into someone else’s dreams.

This is true of so many of us. We drift through life paying the bills and waiting for the weekend to hurry up, that we forget to set goals and dream big. Eventually, we reach a certain age where we’ve unconsciously sleepwalked into someone else’s plans. We work 9-5 to make them money, and we only take a vacation when we let them.

If you don’t want to end up with a whole bunch of regrets, it’s time to start making your own plans so that you’re always in control of your own destiny.

Picture Your Dreams

One of the things that separates us from all other animals is that we can dream big. A lion in the humid jungle may dream about its next feed as its tummy rumbles, but it doesn’t dream of taking a vacation with its cubs to the Caribbean. All it thinks of is how to survive.

Despite our ability to dream, many of us are always in survival mode. Just like the lion in the jungle. We worry about how we’ll manage to pay the next bill. We worry about losing our jobs.

We fail to dream big.

Take some time now to properly picture what your dreams are. They could be related to your physical life, your spiritual life, or your financial health. Take some time aside out of your day and just ponder what your best dreams are. What will make you happy? What could you realistically attain in the next five years?

As you picture these dreams, write them down.

Set A Series Of Smaller Goals

One of the reasons why goals aren’t often achieved is not because they’re so big and “oh, I’ll never achieve that. It’s a nice idea, but it’s totally beyond me.”

It’s because we fail to set the smaller goals that will help us to achieve the bigger ones. \

Often, we’re just way too vague when it comes to goal setting. We say “I want to live in Canes.”

That sounds nice, but it’s way too vague. Moreover, where is the timeline?

If you have a goal jotted down on paper, you then need to take some time to underpin it with a series of smaller goals that will help you to get you where you want to be.

Ask yourself what skills you need to develop to achieve your goal. Ask yourself if there is someone who has already achieved your goal, and if you can use them as your role model, adopting their habits, behaviours and techniques.

What you need to do is breathe life into your goal by making it more attainable. No dream is ever too big if you plot the journey that will get you there. If you fail to do this, the dream will remain as remote as a make-believe castle.


Finally, you need to come up with a stately that will help you to work on your goals. Basically, you need to find at least thirty minutes each day so that you are able to do what is necessary to ensure future fulfilment and happiness.

This is also another area of goal-setting that many people overlook, and as such their future happiness hangs perpetually in the balance.

As you set your goals, set a strategy that ensures you are able to work on them each day, even if just for 30 minutes. This will give you the confidence that you can attain your goals, and thus your future happiness.

Stay happy!

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