How to relieve stress? 10 Artistic, at home activities that can help you de-stress 

Stress is a big problem for many people today. It makes you irritable, less productive and it can have serious implications for your health too. One way to combat stress is to try your hand at something a little more artistic. The process of being creative has been proven to reduce stress levels and that’s why they use art as a therapy in hospitals. So, put aside your worries and your woes, just for a while, and try some of these artistic home activities that can help you de-stress.

1. Try a bit of sculpting

You don’t even need a lot of expensive equipment to try your hand at sculpting, just a couple of pots of Playdough will do. Creating something, out of nothing, with your hands is very calming and soothing and, when you’ve done, you can squish it all down and start again!

2. Make a collage

Another tip on how to relieve stress is to do something useful with all those old magazines that you’ve got piled up in the corner and make up your own collage. Just cut up some pictures that take your imagination and make up your own images out of the pieces.

3. Wipe away your troubles

If there is one thing that is on your mind and is troubling you, then here is another tip on how to relieve stress: express that problem on a blackboard with chalk. Creating a visual representation of your troubles is very therapeutic and, then, you can wipe it all away with the swipe of a cloth. It’s a great feeling!

4. Jazz up some old clothes

If you’re feeling low, then new clothes can make you feel better and, if you can’t afford a complete new wardrobe, then why not jazz up some of your old clothes? Just a few beads and decorative accessories along with your imagination, and you could be walking out with a whole new look.

5. Go back to your childhood

Do you remember what a mess you made painting when you were a kid? Well, let all your inhibitions go again, get messy with paints and indulge yourself with finger painting. Or go even further and slap your whole hand in some paint and make some patterns with the handprints. A brief journey back to your childhood might be all you need to lose some of that pent up tension.

6. Try some gardening to relieve the stress

Getting closer to nature is another great tip on how to relieve stress. Gardening can be an art form and the act of nurturing something living will give you a new sense of purpose. You don’t need a massive garden to be creative with plants, a window box will do, and you will be left with a beautiful display of colour to lighten your mood as well.

7. Decorate a memory box

Organise all your favourite keepsakes and decorate a box to keep to them in. The box could be decorated with photos and images from the time to remind you what’s inside. It’s better than keeping your memories at the back of the drawer and the making of the box will bring the happy memories for you.

8. Design a postcard

If you wish you could tell someone something, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it, that can cause a lot of stress too. One way to get rid of that stress is to make a postcard and write down on the back of it, all the things you wish that you could say. You don’t have to send it, but writing down your feelings can be therapeutic enough on its own to relieve the stress.

9. Try a bit of fridge art

You can be artistic with words too. With just a box of magnetic letters, you can create a different poem for yourself, every day, on the door of your refrigerator. Create an inspirational message for yourself, and it will give you motivation, every time you walk into the kitchen.

10. Decorate a room in your home

When you are feeling stressed out, applying your artistic talents to your living space can be a great help too. If you don’t have a lot of time, rearranging the furniture and tidying away clutter will boost your morale. If you have the time, then let off some steam, get the paint brushes out and really go to town. Redecorating a room gives you both a sense of achievement and it gives you a feeling of having made a new start. It might be just what you need to distress and get your mind back on track.

How to relieve stress? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!

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