How to reinvent yourself and start over?

Change is what should define us. If we’re not changing, we’re staying still. That means we’re not moving forward. It means we’re still stuck, doing the same thing over and over again. Sometimes, that’s perfectly fine. We get into a routine and we enjoy it. It works for us. It’s bringing us health, wealth and happiness. Other times, though, we need to reinvent ourselves or we’ll go crazy from the monotony of it all. And sometimes, we have to reinvent ourselves. We have no choice but to adapt, particularly after the end of a long-term relationship or a bereavement.

Reinvention can be scary. After all, you’re used to living your life as the person you are right now, doing the same predictable and familiar things. How will you be able to handle a new you? Will you be able to handle a new you?

Change is exciting. It opens up fresh opportunities and teaches us so much about ourselves and our potential. Whoever knew that a staunch meat eater could ever become vegan, or that a thief could develop new principles? Without these types of changes, we just won’t know what we’re capable of or what our values are.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at 10 tips on how to reinvent yourself and start over.

Become A Morning Person

Change starts first thing in the morning. If you’ve never been a morning person who seizes the day right from the start, now is the time. True, a lot of us find it hard to get up early, especially on our days off. Why should we have to get up early? That kind of attitude can cost you, though. There are many reasons to get up early. For one thing, you get the time to kickstart the day with a proper nutritious breakfast. You also get the time to plan your day, work on your goals, squeeze all your tasks in, pursue your dreams – all while getting a head start on everyone else.

Being a morning person gives you a psychological edge too, and it’s one of the very helpful tips on how to reinvent yourself. You feel amazing just knowing that you’ve sprung out of bed so early.

Give Yourself A Strong Reason

Ever heard people tell you they tried to give up meat and become vegetarian, but found it impossible? It usually happens when we don’t have a strong enough why. Why are you starting over? What’s your reason? If you have a strong enough why, you can see this through.

Hang Out With The Right People

Believe us, you’ll find it hard to change if you keep hanging out with people who actively discourage change. You know the type: You tell them that you’re now a vegetarian, and they tell you scornfully that “you’ve changed. You’re not as fun as you used to be.”

It’s the same when you give up alcohol:

“What’s with you lately?”

One of good tips on how to reinvent yourself and unleash your true potential is to hang out with those who actively encourage change. You need to associate with people who push you forward; people who support your new direction in life, and even try to help in any way that they can. Without these kinds of people, you might even find that you just don’t have the confidence to make the changes.

Learn All The Time

Another great tip on how to reinvent yourself and start over is to become an eternal student. It’s the best way to grow and move forward.

Give Yourself Some Time

This is an important time of your life. Give yourself enough time to make the right decisions.

Set Goals

One of the most important tips on how to reinvent yourself and start over your life is to set clear goals. It’s hard to make big changes in our life without choosing the right direction first. All successful people who have taken risks and made sweeping changes set goals. And indeed, all reinventions start with a goal. Having a clearly defined goal will make it a lot easier for you to achieve the change you’re looking for. You will know the path that needs to be trodden, and what exactly needs to be done to get there. Break down your big goal into smaller ones; make them realistic, and give yourself deadlines.

Have A Vision

Side by side with your goals needs to be a vision of the change you’re looking for.

What do you ultimately want to look like? What kind of clothes do you want to start wearing? What foods do you want to start eating, what kind of people do you want to start hanging out with? Having a clear vision will make it easier for you to achieve your change. It will give you a taster of what’s to come, which will act as your motivation and driver. So picture the new you and what it feels like to be the new you.

Take Action Each Day

This is another good tip on how to reinvent yourself and start a new life. Once you’ve decided on your goals and visions, the next step is to take action each and every day. Do something daily that takes you closer to your reinvention goals. Each time you’re faced with a decision to make, ask yourself, “does this bring me closer to my goals?”

Be Your Own Cheerleader

Starting over can be scary! Which is why it’s SO important that you are your best friend and cheerleader. Be there for yourself and push yourself forwards.

Have A Big Dream

If it’s your dream to reinvent yourself as an entrepreneur who runs a successful business, do you think that dream is easier to achieve than a dream where you simply have $1,000 in savings by the end of the year because you’ve reinvented yourself as a much more frugal person? The truth is that the first dream is the easier of the two to achieve. Why? While it may seem like a million miles off right now, such a big dream motivates us more and makes it feel as though making changes is actually worth it. Are we going to reinvent ourselves in a small way? Probably not. It’s just not worth it. So dream big!

Do you have other tips on how to reinvent yourself and start over?

Stay happy!

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