10 Tips On How To Make Your Workday Less Stressful

Many of us are working longer hours than ever before. And with longer hours comes greater responsibility, more pressure – and much more stress.

In the workplace in 2016, there is often so much to do. We have to wear different hats as we tackle a variety of tasks, and we always seem to be working to impossible deadlines.

And although Confucius said that the person who chases two rabbits catches none, most of us are chasing several rabbits all at the same time, and catching as many as possible.

If you no longer look forward to work because it’s just too stressful, let’s take a look at 10 ways you can easily make your workday a lot less stressful.

Give Yourself A Head Start

Stumbling out of bed ten minutes after your alarm because you couldn’t open your eyes is not a good idea. You’re already ten minutes behind schedule at a time when every minute counts.

All of a sudden, you’re in a rush. You’re burning your fingers on a piece of toast, pouring way too much sugar into your coffee ands cutting your gums with your toothbrush.

By the time you get to work, you’re flustered and in a bad mood.

So why not wake up thirty minutes earlier than usual, arrive to work earlier than usual, and give yourself a better chance to properly prepare?

Stock Up On Snacks

There is a popular advertisement running at the moment that tells us we’re not ourselves when we’re hungry. It’s very true. When we’re hungry, we give curt answers to Bob from Human Resources, we snap at our colleagues, and we go into a rage when the Internet goes off.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to bring healthy snacks to work that keep you going. Swap sugary treats for protein bars, nuts and dried fruits. These kinds of snacks will not only satisfy you, but they will also load you with energy and help you to avoid brain fog.

Learn How To Say “No” To People

Saying Yes to all and sundry is the easiest way to get stressed in the workplace. If you say Yes to everyone who asks for your help, you might be coming across as kind, considerate and a fab person, but you’re doing yourself no favours at all.

Learn to be selective about what you say Yes to, and remember that you’re not obligated to help anyone if it’s going to make your own day worse.

Be Your Own Cheerleader 

Way too many of us spend a lot of time at working cussing ourselves. We make one mistake and we call ourselves out on it. Worse still, we dwell on it all day long.

This isn’t healthy, and it can contribute to even greater stress in the workplace. It’s time to start being your own cheerleader at work. Heap some much-needed appreciation on yourself when you’ve done something right. Tell yourself out loud how important to this time you are, and what a good job you’re doing.

You’ll feel so much better.

Ask Questions

The more timid of us don’t tend to ask questions. Even when we’ve been given a task that puzzles us, we crack on with it in the vein hope that we’ll eventually get our heads around it.

This just adds more stress than you need. If your manager has asked you to do something you don’t fully understand, ask him for some clarification.

Set Aside “Worry Time”

A few years back, my productivity in the workplace was down because I was immensely stressed. It sounds silly now, but I was stressed because a boy I liked wasn’t returning my texts and calls.

As I was working, I kept stopping every few minutes to think about why he wasn’t texting me back. What had I done wrong? 

This was, of course, wholly unproductive and disruptive. I lost my flow and couldn’t focus on my tasks. To solve the problem, I set aside ten minutes of “worry time”, whereby I’d sit alone with my thoughts.

I still do this today. My thoughts are obviously not about the boy anymore, but I write down on paper whatever is bothering me and get it out of my system there and then.

Start The Day With Exercise

If you have the time, starting your day with an exercise is a good idea. Stretching, for example, improves your flexibility, and it also detoxes your body.

More importantly, physical exercise clears your mind, thereby increasing your mental alertness and focus. This is essential for a stress-fee day at work.

Always Plan Ahead

Do you ever arrive at work with nothing planned? Lots of us do. We’d rather not plan ahead because we prefer to spend our time outside of work doing non-related work activity.

But planning ahead is not only smart, it also doesn’t take up that much time at all. Put aside a few minutes in the evening or at the weekend to plan what you need to do during the upcoming week. Write down a to-do list. This will ensure you forget nothing, and it means you get to prioritise tasks.

It also means that you’re not left with odds and ends of work at the end of the week when everyone else is going home.

Don’t Multitask

“He who chases two rabbits catches none.”

     – Confucius 

They say that women are great at multitasking, but multitasking is actually counterproductive. Instead of doing one job brilliantly, you end up doing two or three jobs poorly. Worse still, you end up stressed and dazed.

Multitasking can easily overwhelm you with work. It’s much better to just do one task at a time.

Eliminate Tasks

One of the reasons many of us are more stressed than ever before in the workplace is because we’re simply doing too much. Take a look at your weekly schedule and the tasks you should be doing. Ask yourself whether all these tasks are really necessary, or whether some can be eliminated?

There is usually always something that isn’t needed. Find out what you can do differently, and trim your to-do list down.

Stay happy!

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