10 Actionable Tips On How To Stop Neglecting Yourself And Practice Self Love

Before you can truly invest in others and love them, you have to love yourself first. But how do you do that? In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at how you can stop neglecting yourself and practice self love.

You’ve probably been told by some very wise people in the past that you must learn to love yourself first before you love others. Constantly neglecting yourself and putting others first means that, eventually, you’ll find that you’re not getting out of life what you really want.

While we wouldn’t go so far saying that it’s hard for other people to love you before you love yourself first, what’s true is that it’s much harder for us to achieve our goals (including relationship goals) if we haven’t learned how to nurture our own soul.

Loving yourself means that you pay more attention to yourself. It means that you respect yourself enough to do only things that benefit you, whether this means eating better or sleeping more. It means treating yourself with the same self-respect as you treat the people you truly love. It means putting yourself first whenever necessary, and being your own cheerleader.

A lot of women find it hard to truly love themselves. If you’re the kind of person who constantly puts yourself down and always does things that benefit others instead of yourself, it might be time to start watering your own plant so that what’s inside you can truly start to blossom.

Let’s take a look at 10 actionable tips on how to stop neglecting yourself and practice self-love.

Do The Things You Love

Stop caring about what others think. Free up some time. Tell everyone you’re busy this weekend. And do the things you LOVE.

Write a children’s story, explore a castle, go to the cinema by yourself. Be unashamedly you.

Care About Your Diet

To really gauge whether a person truly loves themselves or not, you just need to take a look at their diet. What foods are they eating on a regular basis? Are they recklessly stuffing their face with junk foods and soda? Or do they care about nutrition, and eat a well-balanced diet?

Your body wants you to eat clean. It wants you to feed it as many life-enhancing nutrients as possible so that it can carry out all its tasks to the best of its abilities. It wants iron to help it transport oxygen around your body, so that you’re alert and ready to seize the day. It wants lots of water to stay dehydrated.

If you want to stop neglecting yourself, the best place to start is by eating cleaner. Go for a well-balanced diet rich in fruit, vegetables and grains.

Forgive Yourself

Another tip on how to practice self love is forgiveness.

How good are you at forgiving others?

And how good are you at forgiving yourself?

It’s funny, but some of us who are good at forgiving others are bad at forgiving ourselves.

“I got such a bad grade today. I’m stupid! Stupid! Stupid!”

Sound familiar?

Instead of punishing yourself for your mistakes, go easy on yourself. Forgive, learn, and move on.

Stop Doing The Things That Gross You Out

We’ve all had those days that have grossed us out. We’ve been unproductive all day, doing nothing but watching rubbish reality TV, gossiping about out friends behind their back, and drinking too much wine.

Gross days make us feel lazy. Sometimes, they can even make us feel depressed.

You know that feeling at the end of a gross day when it’s time to go to bed? You know you’ve wasted your whole day, and it’s a horrible feeling of regret.

So stop doing the things that gross you out. Stop watching bad TV, stop gossiping.

Accept Your Flaws

This is another great tip on how to practice self love. You have flaws – we all do. Learning to accept them and love them is super important if you’re to love yourself. Live with them, promote them, use them to your advantage! Your flaws could turn into quirks that no longer bother you.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

This is probably one of the most useful tip on how to practice self love. It would be really unfair to compare a budding actor friend to Meryl Streep, and you wouldn’t do it. Likewise, it’s unfair to keep comparing yourself to others.

Be yourself. Remember that we are all different, and comparing ourselves to other is a totally pointless exercise.

Drink Less

Many of us live in cultures where drinking is the norm. Whenever we think about quitting because we want to be healthier, we take a look at everyone else.

“Everyone else I know is still drinking and doing just fine. So why can’t I?”

When it comes to quitting something we know is bad for us but which we happen to enjoy, we always look for excuses not to quit.

“I could quit … but heck, why should I?”

So we come up with reasons not to quit, ignoring all the bad stuff.

Alcohol is not good for your body. It’s fun in the moment, but ultimately it catches up with you in the form of weight gain, hangovers, tiredness, lost days and sickness.

If you truly want to love yourself and look after your body, drinking less or cutting alcohol out altogether is a good idea.


Another tip on how to practice self love is to smile. Even when you’re feeling low or grumpy, smile. It could be the one thing that makes your day.

Sleep More

Ever heard the phrase “Sleep is for the weak!”?

Or how about “I’ll sleep when I’m dead!”?

For many people who lead busy lives right now, sleep often gets put on the back burner. It’s way down on the priorities list. It’s even below that friend we’ve been trying to avoid for ages who keeps calling us up for a “catch-up.”

But sleep deprivation can really bite you in the bum. And if you really and truly loved yourself, you would get as much sleep as your body pines for.

A lack of proper sleep can make you testy, achy, and it can lower your productivity. It can make you moody, un-alert, and it can even cause physical issues, such as dark circles beneath your eyes.

Appreciate How Far You’ve Come

Lots of us live so far into the future that we forget to appreciate how far we’ve already come.

You’ve come along way. Spend some time reflecting on the journey you’ve made so far. Remember where you were at the start of this.

Do you have other tips on how to practice self love?

Stay happy!

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