10 Tips on how to have ‘romance’ with yourself, before you have romance with someone else

If you ever read about how you must love yourself, before you can love anyone else, then you might have been left wondering how on earth you go about doing that! Well, it’s not about becoming an egotistical, selfish person at all, it’s more about learning more about yourself and learning how to treat yourself right. It is very similar to any kind of romance really. You get to know a person, you trust them, you respect them, and occasionally you pamper them too. If you haven’t started that relationship with yourself yet, read these ten tips on how you can develop a romance with you.

1. Accept who you are

The first rule of love is accepting a person for who they really are and that applies to learning to love yourself too. You can strive to improve yourself, that’s perfectly natural, but you do have to accept and love the real you and that includes all your faults. The one thing that you should never do is try to be someone else.

2. Compliment yourself

While you should be able to accept your flaws, you should also recognise the good things in yourself. Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror and tell yourself how amazing you look, or pat yourself on the back when you do well at work. All too often, people are very quick to beat themselves up when they do something wrong, but they rarely give themselves any compliments.

3. Forgive yourself for your mistakes

The other thing you must do, if you are to have a romance with yourself, is to forget the past and forgive yourself for the mistakes that you may have made. You are now growing and moving into a new stage in your life, so don’t let thoughts of the past continually hold you back. It’s no different than what you would do if you were making a fresh start in a relationship with another person.

4. Take up hobbies that really interests you

Rather than just going from one day to the next following the same old routine, think about taking up some new hobbies, or even a new career. Have a good, long, hard think about what things you find interesting to do and what things would make you happy. One sure way to treat yourself right is to do the things that you want to do and not only the things that other people expect you to do.

5. Take care of yourself

If you don’t already, then you should you start taking more care of your body too. Start to eat a healthy diet and take up an exercise routine. If you had a much loved pet puppy, you’d feed it properly and make sure that it got enough exercise, so it’s time to start taking good care of your own needs too!

6. Listen to yourself

If you are going to love yourself, then you need to trust yourself too. When that inner voice you have tells that you something is right, listen to it and follow your own gut instincts. You are the only person that truly knows what is right for you, so go with your heart more often and stop doing what other people tell you to do, or what you think that they would want you to do.

7. Choose to be around positive, loving people

You can’t always choose who you spend time with, but when you can, choose people who are caring, optimistic and loving. If you hang around spiteful and uncaring people, then some of that will rub off on you. If you spend your time with loving people, it will help you to feel more loved too.

8. Get clear in your mind what your visions and your goals are

Have you got a plan for yourself, or do you just simply take every day as it comes? Spend some time thinking through where you want to go from here and how you are going to go about getting there. Some people find it useful to have a vision board where they can pin pictures that represent their dreams. It’s a way of reminding yourself what you are striving for, and why it is worth loving yourself.

9. Treat yourself sometimes

If you love someone, then you will treat them to the things that you know they will love. Do the same for yourself sometimes. Take yourself out shopping, go on a weekend spa break, or buy yourself something special. You deserve it!

10. Romance yourself as you would romance someone else

The reason why people say that you should love yourself before you can love another person is that so many of us give ourselves such a hard time! You would probably never dream of being as harsh with other people as you are with yourself, so give yourself a break and start loving yourself too.

Stay happy!

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