How To Live A More Fulfilling Life?

For many of us, the aim of life is to feel fulfilled – to feel as though we’re making a contribution, unleashing our potential, and doing all the things we really want to do. In this article, we’re going to take a look at ways you can live a more fulfilling life.

As we get a little bit older, it’s natural to start wanting more out of life. We take stock of how far we’ve come, where we’re at in the present moment, as well as where we are going. And we might be tempted to ask, “is this it?”

For many, a humdrum life of studying, work, bills, and a few cocktails at the weekend eventually becomes so monotonous that we start to ask whether there is actually more to life. Is the life we are leading fulfilling us? Are we doing all the things we could be? Are we enriching our minds and nourishing our spirits?

If you’re feeling a bit lost at the moment and want to find new, exciting ways of filling up your time so that each morning you’re buoyed to get out of bed and each evening you fall back into bed with a massive grin on your face, let’s take a look at a few ways you can live a more fulfilling life.

Take The Risk

Remember that career you always wanted to enter but never had the courage to?

Or maybe you wanted to travel the world for a year but wasn’t brave enough?

Or perhaps there was a business idea you had that you never let fully develop in case it backfired?

Until you take the risk on one of your biggest dreams, you may forever feel that life has passed you by. Without taking at least one chance to realise your dreams, there may always be a empty spot in your soul.

Dreams are what make life exciting. Working on them and achieving them is what makes life so rewarding for many.

Sure, the risk is scary. But what successful, happy and fulfilled person can say they haven’t take a big leap into the unknown at some point?


If you look closely at a lot of entrepreneurs, a lot of them like to make valuable contributions to other peoples’ lives. Why? Because it makes them feel fulfilled.

Making money is, of course, fun for a lot of entrepreneurs. But making a contribution gives them fulfilment.

Spend a weekend volunteering and see how it makes you feel. Offer to help your friends with something. If there is a special skill that you have, make a Facebook status saying how you’ll help people who get in touch with you.

Give back to others and see how much it impacts your own life.


There is a reason you’re reading this article with us today. There is a reason why you’re questioning your life and its direction. Do you know what the reason is?

It’s important to understand what has made you feel so restless and even bored recently. Are you tired of routine? Are you frustrated by a lack of ambition, either your own or the people around you? Have you perhaps outgrown your friends? Do you need new surroundings?

It’s only once you’ve identified what’s causing you to feel unfulfilled that you can start making big changes. What’s missing from your life? What do you need to add? What do you need to free yourself from to move on?

Learn To Forgive

It’s very difficult to live a fulfilling life when we can’t forgive people. As well as punishing them, we’re also punishing ourselves.

Realise that everyone makes mistakes, and everyone deserves a second chance. Forgiving others means you’re letting go of negative energy and feelings of resentment that could be preventing you from being happy. Learn to forgive, forget and move on. Hopefully, those you forgive will be so inspired by your benevolence that they’ll become better people.

Be Grateful

Spend less time being jealous of what you don’t have and more time being grateful for the truly great things you already have in your life.

Eliminate The Things Which Add No Value To Your Life

When we’re young, a lot of us do the whole college and socialising thing. We study by day and drink by night. And it’s fun. As well as having a good time, the drinking also gives us a chance to meet new people.

Some of us will also spend our days gaming or watching TV to pass the time until the next class.

You’re older now, though. But does your life still follow a similar pattern? If you still live for the weekend, and still idle your spare time away gaming and watching TV, you need to start assessing the no-value things which are taking up your time.

For many of us, drinking is fun but it also prevents us from doing the things that would really add value to our lives.

Try something different this weekend. Try something that would actually add value to your life.

It’s the same if you love sports. Sports are fun but too much sports takes up a heck of a lot of our time, and can prevent us from doing the things that would make us feel a lot more fulfilled.

This weekend, substitute the things you normally do for something different. It might shock your friends, and you might get a few “you’ve changed!” comments, but ride with it. Suck it up. You’re doing this for YOU.

Build Relationships

If you’re work-driven, not only might you burn out, but you also may find that in a few years’ time, you’ve got very few people left around you. They’ve all moved on. They gave up on you a long time ago.

Relationships are more important than anything you own. People inspire each other, mentor each other, teach other, and help one another to become stronger. They put smiles on our faces, support us, encourage us and help us. For a more fulfilling life, remember to build relationships.

Stay happy!

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