20 Practical Tips On How To Improve Yourself

Want to be a better version of yourself? In our article, Beauty and Tips offers up a bumper 20 practical ways to improve yourself.

Self-improvement is the key to getting what we want out of life. Unless we arm ourselves with the right skills and direct our minds in the right way, we’ll always remain at the same level. Successful people are constantly improving themselves and taking themselves higher and higher. They lean something new each day, improve themselves in different ways each day, and this allows them to push on in life and achieve their goals. Self improvement also brings with it a greater peace of mind, a better sense of self, and a real feeling of achievement. You just feel good knowing that you’re getting better and being more productive.

But there are many different ways you can improve yourself, and self-improvement isn’t just restricted to skill sets. You could also work on your temperament and mood, and the way you react to things. These improvements will serve to make yourself a better person. Here are 20 practical tips on how to improve yourself to become the best you can be:

Be More Positive

This is one of the most important tips on how to improve yourself and become happier. Negativity doesn’t get us anywhere in life. Successful people are almost always eternal optimists. Unsuccessful people, on the other hand, are almost always pessimists who don’t even see the point in trying.

The more optimistic you are, the happier you will be. Moreover, the more optimistic you are, the more opportunities you will snap up. Positive people see life as a blessing that we need to make the most of each day. If you always look for the positives, you’ll soon start to see that life opens up like a flower with new opportunities and adventures each day.

Face Up To Your Fears

We all have fears. But how many of us are facing up to our fears? And how many of us are letting our fears conquer us?

Fears are there to challenge us and to help measure who we are as a person. If you can’t overcome your fears, it simply shows that you were always meant to stay at a certain level.

Successful people have fears just like you do. The difference is that they actually relish facing their fears head on. And they know that overcoming them is a massive step in the right direction to becoming what they truly want to become.

Take Responsibility

Another good tip on how to improve yourself is to take responsibility for your life and for your mistakes.

If you make a mistake and then pass the blame onto someone else, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity for self-improvement. Make mistakes, own up to them – and then identify ways you can work on your game so that you don’t repeat them. Don’t pass the blame onto someone else. Doing helps no one, and certainly not yourself. This is YOUR life, and it’s essential that you’re in control of everything that you do.

Start The Day Early

You’ve already put yourself at a disadvantage for a day of self-improvement if you wake up late.

Waking up early is what all successful people bent on success do and it’s one of great tips on how to improve yourself. They jump out of bed in the small hours, make themselves an awesome, protein-based breakfast, and get started on their plans.

Each morning is a gift rich in opportunity for improvement. You can use this time to crack on with things, knowing full well that your peers – and even your competitors are still snoozing. Stay one step ahead of them!

Be Kind To People

Another great tip on how to improve yourself is to be kind to people.

What are the biggest traits we look for in other people? The way they are with money? The ability to solve puzzles? Their talent for conversation?

Different people look for different things. But we all appreciate kindness and generosity. The thing with kindness is that it’s like a boomerang. The more you give, the more will come back right at you. If you haven’t been too kind to people lately and know full well that you haven’t, now could be the time to start making amends by helping others.

You don’t need to make massive gestures. Just giving spare change to a homeless person, helping a lady with her bags, or just giving some amazing advice to people is more than enough. It will make you feel great, too.

Learn Another Language

Learning a new language has marvellous benefits. For one thing, it improves your brain’s plasticity, and has been proven to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Learning another language makes you feel awesome, too, and it can extend your network. Maybe you’ll visit another country, where you can actually hang out with the locals and make new friends. Learning a new language also gives you a great sense of accomplishment, and is an excellent tip on how to improve yourself.

Read A Book Each Day

Not everyone likes to read – or at least think they don’t like to read. But it’s as the American investor Warren Buffet puts it: “The more you learn, the more you earn.” Books are full of all different kinds of knowledge that can teach you so much. Whether you want to learn about health, how to develop a new skill, politics, economics and so on, books are there to help you grow, improve, and become a more rounded person.

Write A Letter To Your Older Self

Whatever you do today and everyday, think what effect it will have on your life for ten years to come. Will your older self thank you for learning a new skill today, or will it shakes head at you for watching Netflix instead?

Write a letter to your older self, explaining where you see yourself in ten years’ time. Then, do the things you need to do in order to get to that position.

Stop Procrastinating

Another tip on how to improve yourself and live a more fulfilled life is to stop the habit of procrastinating. We know, we know. Out of all the advice in this article, this one is probably the one that’s going to be the hardest to implement.

Pretty much everyone on the planet has procrastinated at some point. Whether we’ve wasted another twenty minutes pointlessly debating something on Facebook about Ancient Rome because we don’t want to start work, or whether we’ve watched three episodes of House of Cards in a row, many of us are the Queens of Procrastination. But if you want to improve yourself, and if you’re absolutely dead set in your mind that you want to improve yourself, procrastination has to stop right now. It simply can’t go on any longer. Think about what you’ll gain if you stop procrastinating, and also what you’ll lose out on if you continue to do it. Your life would look so much rosier if you quit. You would have SO much more time.

You don’t have to go cold turkey just yet. Find ways of procrastinating productively – watching short educational videos as opposed to cat videos – and give yourself 5 minute breaks every 30 minutes. Be disciplined with the way you procrastinate.

Request Feedback

How can we make the right changes when we don’t even know what we did wrong?

It’s one thing to score 91 for an exam, but another to know why you scored 91 and not, say, 95 or more. It’s the same when you do work for a client. They tell you it was “okay, but not great.” But unless they tell you where you went wrong, you can’t improve. So don’t be shy about asking for feedback. It’s a great way to keep improving.

Ask Questions

This is another great tip on how to improve yourself. If you don’t get curious about the world and the people in it, how can you ever expect to improve?

It’s the same if you don’t ask a question about something you’re unsure of. Those who make the biggest leaps forward in life know the innate power and value of asking questions.

Become as curious as Alice in Wonderland and ask questions all the time.

Take A Course

Next fabulous tip on how to improve yourself is to take courses. Think you don’t have the money to take a course? Think again.

A few decades back, courses cost a lot of money and took up a lot of time. These days, however, you can learn all you need online. And it doesn’t have to cost you much at all.

Confront Problems

Successful people aren’t special people who don’t have any problems. They face obstacles in life just like we all do. The difference, however, is that they relish challenges, and see them as an opportunity to learn and grow. Things change. Things happen. We can either face our problems, overcome them and emerge as a stronger, better person … or we can avoid obstacles and stay the same.

Problems teach us things. For people keen on self-improvement, obstacles are a necessary part of the growth process. So our tip on how to improve yourself and live happier life is to stop avoiding problems. Confront them, overcome them, and grow.

Take Action!

You know what separates successful people from unsuccessful people? Is it raw talent, skill and knowledge? Nope. The biggest difference is that the successful person took action and the unsuccessful person didn’t. The only real way to improve is to get out of bed nice and early in the morning and take action!

Know Your Life Goal

This is one of the most important tips on how to improve yourself is live happier and more fulfilled life. Unless you know what your overriding life goal is, it may be impossible to make the right improvements. When we set life goals, every key decision we make in life is made with our goal in mind. We constantly improve each day so as to get closer to our goal. We set ourselves smaller goals which, when completed, will see us emerge smarter, better and closer to realising our life goal.

Write down your goal and a vision. Let it motivate and drive you forward.

Set Limitations

Of course we should aim for the sky – and even beyond. But it’s when we spread ourselves too thin and try to do too many things that the wheels come off. Instead of improving ourselves in any area, we become stressed, frustrated and exhausted.

You can’t be the best at everything, which is why it’s important that you play to your strengths and ignore your weaknesses. Moreover, you should narrow your focus, so that you zone in on one or two areas of your life that you want to improve the most. Focusing your time and energy on just one or two things will make it easier for you to improve and become a better version of yourself in these areas.

Put Yourself First

Another tip on how to improve yourself is to start love yourself and put yourself first. Not in a selfish way, in a healthy way. You only can give something to people, when you have it yourself. The same goes with love, happiness or other areas of life. If you keep putting others first, it could be the reason why you’re dissatisfied with where you’re at in life right now.

Helping others is nice and, as we suggested earlier, you should be kind to them. But if you want to improve yourself, you have to start putting yourself first. Your time is precious. Ask anyone who wants to better themselves, and they’ll tell you that they have to be selfish with how they spend their time. They turn down cocktails on Friday night because they’re focused on their goals. They put themselves first.

Identify Your Flaws

Has anyone ever pointed out your flaws to you? Maybe you’re hypocritical, too quick to judge, or too much of a pushover? Now is the time to listen to what people say about you and ring the changes.

Learn From Your Heroes

Another tip on how to improve yourself is to learn from your role models. Successful people know that the best way to emulate their heroes is to model themselves on them. This means they’ll develop their habits and routines, adopt their diets and mindsets and pretty much make the same decisions as them. It makes so much sense, too. We make vast improvements when we learn from the best who are improving on a daily basis.

Eat Better

Most people want to be healthy. They know that if they have their health, everything else will follow suit.

Health comes first and should be number one on your list of things to improve. We could all benefit from being healthy, and we all have habits that we need to work on.

It starts with your diet. Aim for a well-balanced, clean diet of fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts and legumes. Your physical health will improve, and so will your mental health. You will automatically feel better.

What are your favorite tips on how to improve yourself and live happier and more fulfilled life?

Stay happy!

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