How To Find Your True Calling In Life?

So many people talk about their ‘calling’, but what does it mean exactly?

A calling is something that you were always meant to do because it goes a long way to completing your life. It’s something that you feel ridiculously comfortable doing, and it makes you happy.

A calling also challenges you, but it’s a challenge you’re ready for. It helps you to grow. It is what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning. It’s what awakens your spirit and makes you feel alive.

Your calling, then, is your destiny. No wonder many of us talk about trying to find ours!

If you’re having difficulty finding your own true calling in life, here are some tips:

Remember What It Was You Used To Love

Many of us live insanely hectic lives. We work all the hours that God can possibly send us, and as such we have very little downtime.

We certainly don’t have as much time on our hands as we did when we were fresh out of school. Back then, it seemed as though we had all the time in the world to do whatever made us feel happy.

It’s important right now that you think back to what used to make you happy. What were your passions and dreams when you were younger?

As you dig deep into the past, you’ll be surprised about the things you’ve forgotten all about. Maybe you once had a semblance of talent for the piano but had to give it up because of a lack of money. Or maybe you and a friend once enthusiastically discussed starting a business together but totally forgot all about it when she moved away.

Now is the time to rekindle you past loves. Find out what it was that used to excite you. It was probably your calling.

Think About What Feels Good

When you are doing you’re not really supposed to be doing (because it isn’t your calling in life), it won’t feel good. Maybe you’re not enjoying yourself at work, or perhaps you’ve become disillusioned with the people you hang out with.

It’s easy to shrug your shoulders and just get on with things. After all, your friends are your friends so why wouldn’t you enjoy hanging out with them and doing the same stuff you’ve been doing for a few years now?

It’s important that you listen to the signs. You’re not enjoying certain things anymore because they aren’t your calling. Instead of soldiering on out of a sense of obligation or whatnot, you should take heed of the signs. They are telling you that something is not right here. Step back and think about what is that you do enjoy doing. Don’t let other people tell you what you should be enjoying or doing. Don’t be influenced by this. Listen to your heart.

Switch Off The Distractions

There are plenty of distractions in life which prevent us from discovering our true calling in life. These distractions come in the form of television, shopping or even nights out.

While they seem fun at the time, they are ultimately trapping you in a repetitious circle. And they are stopping you from finding your true calling. When you could be doing something life-changing, you’re instead doing the same thing yet again which ultimately adds no real value to your life.

A lot of the things we fill our lives with – such as drinking or sports – are temporal. They give us a bit of pleasure for a few hours, but the enjoyment is fleeting. It doesn’t last. And once it’s over, we just look forward to the moment it comes around again.

Isn’t it better, then, if we stopped doing this and instead found something which gives us joy and pleasure all the time?

The problem is that we rely on our distractions each week – or even each day – to fill gaps in our lives. But by using them to fill these gaps, we’re not spending any time on finding that special something which will complete our lives.

As you search for your calling, it’s important to have clarity of mind, something which is only possible if you’re free from distractions. Eliminate temporal diversions. Focus on finding your calling instead.

Listen To That Which Won’t Leave Your Head

I got to where I am today because the idea of becoming a writer wouldn’t leave my head. I had always written as a child and a teenager, but eventually I went off to study filmmaking because I thought I wanted to be a filmmaker.

After graduating, I realised that I no longer wanted to be a filmmaker. What did I want to be?

At this point, I decided that I could no longer ignore that niggle of an idea that hadn’t left my head since I was a child – that of being a writer.

Everyone has something in their minds which just won’t leave. What is it that you always return to at one point or another? For some, it is moving to another country. For others, it’s starting up a business.

We all have these ideas in our heads that we push to one side, either because life gets too hectic or because they simply seem too unrealistic.

But if there is something that won’t leave your mind’s doorstep, it really is about time that you let it in and nurtured it.

Why? Because it’s probably your true calling in life.

Be Patient

Lastly, it’s super important that you stay patient. Not everyone finds their calling in early early on. In fact, most people don’t. I know one guy who used to be in a death metal band, but who now works as a glamour photographer!

The difference in the two careers is huge, which goes to show that so many of us just need a bit of time before we discover what it is we really want out of life. Sometimes, we have to do something we hate to realise what it is that we love.

Stay happy!

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