How To Find And Pursue Your Purpose In Life

Not all of us live life with a purpose, but one day it could be the case that you wake up and suddenly ask yourself what your purpose is.

You’ve probably seen others around you find their purpose early on; the gifted musicians who have been singing and playing guitar since they were 5 years-old. The ballerinas, artists, mathematicians and so on.

You may even look at your friends who have already got married, honed a solid career and bought a house. For this reason, you might be feeling a little bit anxious when you take a look at your own life and ask the question, “just what is my purpose?”

Finding your own purpose is not easy, but neither should you feel any great pressure to find it. We all plot our own journeys in life and make our own decisions, and sometimes it just takes us a little longer than it takes others to find something. And although sometimes it feels as though we can’t see the mist for the fog, there are ways you can find and pursue your purpose if this is something you feel is missing in life. So let’s take a look at a few ways to do this.

1. Make Sure You Understand Why You Want To Find Your Purpose

Understanding why you want to find your purpose in life will be your anchor. Without understanding exactly why you want to – or need to – find your purpose in life, you might actually find it difficult to pursue it.

Essentially, you’re probably trying to improve your lot. You’re probably looking for a reason to get up in the morning, and you’re probably looking to add more excitement, as well as a sense of fulfilment to your life. Your purpose is your driving force and should be at the centre of everything you do.

2. Listen To Your Heart

When you’re trying to find and pursue your calling in life, it’s really not a good time to listen to your head. It will only say things like, “hmm, too risky” or “hmm, too expensive” or “hmm, can we not just watch Netflix?”

Instead, it’s time to listen to your heart. This is where your purpose lives. This is where your inspiration, imagination, fantasy and creativity is born. Go and tap into it, and let it out into the open.

3. You Need To Be Able To Take The Rough With The Smooth

Pursuing a purpose takes a lot of guts, energy, and time. It also takes sacrifice. And you also need to be able to take the rough with the smooth, because finding and pursuing a purpose will not be all sunshine and happiness; there will be darker moments when you feel like giving up.

Musicians have to deal with failure and setbacks, as do everyone else who pursue a purpose. It’s just part of the learning process. How you react to obstacles is a measure of your character and how willing you are to pursue a purpose. So you need to ask yourself what unpleasant experiences can you handle?

4. Think Back To When You Were 8 Years Old

When you were a child, you probably had hobbies and passions that you no longer pursue. For some of us, these could have been writing and drawing. For others they could have been horse riding or swimming. As we get older, social pressures get the better of us and we surrender these hobbies.

Now is the time to return to your childhood and think back the hobbies you had. Are these your purpose in life? If you used to write because you actually enjoyed writing, why not switch on your laptop today and do some writing? When you were 8 years old, writing was just a hobby, but now it’s a means to an end.

5. Be Prepared To Suck

If you simply can’t pursue a certain purpose in life because you don’t have the money, or because you have children that you can’t abandon to fly to Brazil for a year, then that’s fine. Okay, cool.

But if you say to yourself that you can’t pursue a certain purpose because you’ll “really suck” at it, then we can’t accept that. Part of finding and pursuing a purpose is sucking at something at first. These are just fears that you need to overcome in order to discover your calling life. So overcome them and go out there and suck! (until you become great).

6. Can You Save The World?

If you watch the news at any time of the day, you’ll have got a pretty good idea by now that we’re all screwed and the world is in a really bad way. Cancers are getting the better of people, diabetes is on the surge, and education and social housing is in the mire.

But there are ways out of all this; and you could be one of them. All you need to do is pick a problem and save the world. And before you say “I can’t think of one”, there are plenty to choose from! Domestic violence, mental health care, education, government corruption and economic regression are just a few.

7. Gun To Your Head – What Would You Do?

Okay, so you haven’t really got a gun to your head, but metaphorically speaking if someone were to ask you for an answer to the question, “what would you do and where would you go if you had to do something every single day?”

It’s a question to think long and hard about, but the answer could be very revealing. It could well be your calling in life. Rise to the challenge!

8. Write Your Obituary

Like having a gun to your head, this might sound rather morbid. But it actually isn’t. See, when you write your own obituary (okay yes this does sound morbid) you’re giving yourself an insight into how you want your life to pan out. You’re writing “Alice achieved this and that.”

But have you achieved this and that? If you haven’t – get achieving it!

9. Forget About Finding “The One”

When it comes to soul mates, we pursue “the one”. We certainly don’t pursue four or five and collect soul mates. That’s just weird.

(although apparently in some cultures they actually do this)

When it comes to finding your purpose in life, it’s time to forget about finding “the one” and find “the many.” You need to follow your passions. If you try to find just one passion, you might become frustrated, and it might well be the reason you haven’t found it yet. Add some strings to your bow and embrace life and what it has to offer.

10. Volunteer

Lastly, you could offer your services for free at a local homeless shelter. This will allow you to realise what you can contribute, and what you can do. It will also make your feel purposeful, and grateful for what you have, and it may just open your eyes to what you need to do in life to make yourself feel more fulfilled. Try it, it can work.

Stay happy!

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