How to feel accomplished every single day? 10 Useful productivity tips

Do you ever reach the end of a day and feel as though you’ve accomplished nothing at all? Don’t go to sleep worrying that you have done nothing, just read these ten simple tips that will help you feel better about your day and make sure that you will feel accomplished, every single day.

1. Prioritize

Don’t try and multi-task, it very rarely works. Make a list of all the things that need to be done and work your way down it in a logical order. Flitting from one to another of your tasks will only take you longer and leave you with none of them fully completed to your satisfaction.

2. Answer your emails

The first job that you can do is to answer some of those emails! This will only take a short amount of time, so don’t keep putting it off. If you achieve little else in the day, at least you will have stayed in contact with people and kept them up to date.

3. Don’t over commit yourself

Another one of important productivity tips is to avoid spending the whole day agreeing to do everything and accepting deadlines that you know are going to be too tight. Clear some of your backlog instead and then, only agree to do things for people, when you know that you can do them. Saying yes, all the time, to everything, will not help you accomplish things in the long run.

4. Manage your time effectively

Try not to bounce around from one task to another. It is easier to achieve results if you set aside your time in blocks and focus on just one thing at a time. An hour for this task, an hour for that one…and don’t be distracted, before you complete a task.

5. Switch off the social media

Next productivity tip is to switch off the social media. Dipping in and out of Twitter or Facebook will only distract you and, before you know it, all you will have done is catch up with your friends! You will feel far more accomplished if you leave social media alone until the end of the day. That way you can post and Tweet later, about how successful your day has been.

6. Eat healthy snacks during the day

Don’t forget to eat while you are working away at your tasks. If you don’t eat some healthy snacks during the day you will start to get tired and you can give up early. You need energy and you need to take a break sometimes, if you want to make sure that you can tick some of the items on your to do list in a day.

7. Get out in the fresh air

This is another important ingredient in our list of productivity tips. Fresh air can do wonders for your productivity, so even if you are working at home, always take some time out for a walk. A brisk walk in the fresh air will get both your body and your mind moving and you will feel more like working again when you get back inside again.

8. Don’t panic!

Stay cool and try not to panic if you have a heavy workload. Take one task at a time and do it well, rather than rushing jobs and getting it wrong. If you panic, you will make mistakes and that means that jobs will take even longer and you will accomplish less.

9. Remember the 80/20 rule

Next one of popular and truly useful productivity tips is to remember that 20% of your effort will bring 80% of your accomplishments. Sometimes it is better to accomplish the small tasks first and then devote all your time to the larger ones. It can often be better to have accomplished ten small things and made a good start on one big one, than to have spent all day long on a big one that you didn’t finish.

10. Plan for tomorrow

At the end of each day, leave some time to assess what you have accomplished and plan out your day for tomorrow. Remember to congratulate yourself on your accomplishments and reward yourself. If you want to feel accomplished at the end of every day, then plan ahead, but also acknowledge your own achievements for the day.

How to feel accomplished every single day? What are your best productivity tips?

Stay happy!

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