10 Tips on how to embrace your inner beauty

With all the images of celebrity beauty that we are bombarded with every day, it’s easy to get hung up about the beauty that is only skin deep, and forget all about the beauty that lies under the surface. The impact of the media portrayal of the perfect woman has been so great that now, eight of ten women say that they are not happy with their outward appearance. The real person is not what you see in a photograph in a magazine, which will have often to be doctored to make it look better. The real person is the person that lives behind the façade. So, get away from the mirror for a while, stop comparing yourself to other people, and read these ten tips that show you how you can discover your own inner beauty.

1. Stop fighting who you are

The first step towards recognising your own inner beauty is to accept what you are and who you are. Your slightly off-centre nose, your smaller than average boobs, or your quirky smile, are all a part of what makes you the person you are, so embrace them, don’t hate them. Stop trying to change what nature gave you, and focus your efforts on developing the person that is on the inside instead.

2. Take a good look around you

Take a long hard look at the people who you love and the people who love you. When you start to look a bit more closely, you will see that the people around you aren’t exactly oil paintings either, yet you still love them, and they still love you. When you really get to know a person, their outward appearance isn’t really all that important at all.

3. Stop comparing yourself to other people

Don’t keep looking at other people and comparing their looks to yours. Everyone is different, and everyone has their own best features, as well as their own flaws. You are probably just looking at one aspect of a person anyway and ignoring their other flaws, so let them be who they are and you concentrate on being you.

4. Write down a list of what you love about yourself

Write a list of all the things that you love about you that are not related to your appearance. Include things like your kindness, your generosity, your honesty, your empathy with children, and the other personality traits and skills that you are proud of. If you have been fixating on your outward beauty, you have probably forgotten all about the things that really make you a beautiful person.

5. Question your negative thoughts

When you have negative thoughts about your appearance, question them and then push them from your mind. If you are thinking: ‘I hate my thighs and everyone is looking at them’, then question the logic of that thought. People aren’t really going to judge you just on your thighs, so put these thoughts into the back of your mind and focus on some more positive thoughts about yourself.

6. Keep a list of the compliments you get

Reinforce your positive thoughts about yourself by keeping a list of the compliments that you get. Over time, you will realise that people are noticing plenty of good things about you, and not necessarily the physical things that you keep on worrying about. Keeping a list of the compliments you get will help to boost your self-confidence and it will help to remind you that you are a lot more than just your appearance.

7. Nurture your inner beauty

Most of us spend time on makeup, clothes and our hair, but do you spend any time nurturing your inner beauty? Go back to the list you made of your inner qualities that make you special, and work on taking care of those too. If you are a kind and gentle person, then put those attributes to work every day and make the most of the assets that you do have.

8. Avoid being negative about other people

Talking negatively about other people will increase your own negativity about yourself. Instead of gossiping about other people’s appearance, focus on their inner beauty and their good points. Once you have started to see beyond the external appearance of others, you will be able to see the inner beauty that is inside you too.

9. Take care of yourself

Sometimes, when people get hung up on one aspect of their appearance, they neglect to take care of the rest of their body. Treat your body with love and respect it deserves by eating the right foods and taking exercise. If you treat your body with care, you will come to love it more.

10. Surround yourself with positive people

Spend time with people who do recognise the inner beauty in others and not the people who criticise others for how they look. The more time that you spend with positive people, who can look beyond outward appearances, the easier you will find to appreciate your own inner beauty.

Stay happy!

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