10 Must-Know Secrets Of Confident Girls

You’re probably here because you’re lacking in confidence, and you know what a huge difference to your life it makes. Self-confident girls are achievers who know what they want, as well as how to get it. As such, they pretty much live the life they dream about.

Girls without confidence, however, find it hard to believe in themselves. As a result, they fail to fulfil their potential.

Confidence, then, is extremely important. The good news is that confidence is not something that is handed out at birth. It can be developed by anyone! The somewhat bad news is that confident girls have secrets you probably aren’t aware of. The fab news is that we’re now going to share ten of them with you!

They Don’t Make Excuses 

Say you were asked to do something that was out of your comfort zone. I bet a large part of you wanted to do it, but the self-doubting part of you knew that leaving your comfort zone is just no good.

“We can’t leave our comfort zone!” it cried in a panic. “It’ll ruin us!”

As such, you made an excuse.

“I can’t do it. I have to work late tonight.”

You didn’t have to work late, and you know it. But this is the thing when we have no confidence; as soon as there is a chance for us to leave our comfort zone, we immediately think about what excuse we can reel out this time. What classics have we got in our repertoire that we haven’t used for a while?

Confident girls don’t do this. As soon as they’re presented with a challenge, all they can think about is how they’re going to complete it.

They Know He Likes Them 

Do you analyse what the guy you’re dating is feeling? Perhaps you read your text conversations over and over again to gather together some clues as to how he feels about you?

Confident girls don’t analyse whether he likes them or not. Instead, they just assume that he does. So confident in their winning personality are they that they know the right person will recognise and love their qualities.

They Find Happiness From Within

Another good tip on how to develop self confidence is to find happiness from within.

If you are letting external realities define your happiness, this could be the prime reason you are lacking in joy of life.

Happiness is key to confidence, and if you let material things dictate how happy you are, you could find yourself without confidence for a long time.

Women with confidence know that happiness starts from within ourselves – not from exterior forces, such as money.

They’re Not Afraid Of Being Wrong

Do you worry about saying something incase you’re wrong? Are you scared of failing? Confident women aren’t, and they don’t care if something they say is wrong. Why? Because they know that our mistakes help us to learn. If you say something wrong, you’ll be corrected and won’t make the same error again.

If, however, you say nothing at all, you will wallow in your uncertainty, which will have damning effects on your esteem.

They Don’t Put Things Off Until Next Time

You could go out on a date with that guy who’s just asked you out. But what’s the point when there’s always next time?

Likewise, you could apply for that amazing-sounding job. But what’s the point when there’s always next tim?

The problem is that there is no such thing as next time. It doesn’t exist. And you know it.

Confident women know this too, which is why they always do today what can be done today. Tomorrow is just another excuse. Now is the right time. There has never been a better time.

They Only Say Yes If They Really Want To

Are you so confident that you know exactly what you want at all times? Confident women are. They’re so confident with their goals that they know when to say Yes and when to say No.

This is a powerful skill. Not everyone has the confidence to say No with clarity and conviction. Girls without confident mull things over and give a vague “I’m not sure” answer that helps no one – especially not themselves!

They Don’t Give Much Credence To The Opinion Of Others

Next good tip on how to develop self confidence is to avoid giving much credence to the opinion of negative people. Of course you have to listen to constructive criticism from others. Otherwise, you’re going to stubbornly pursue the wrong course all the time.

But there is a difference between taking onboard constructive criticism and obsessing other negative opinions.

Confident people couldn’t care less for unnecessary drama. They don’t care that a stranger or even a friend or a family member has decided to insult them for no good reason. They’re too focused on their goals to be derailed by petty squabbles.

They Don’t Let A Lack Of Resources Halt Them

Girls without much confidence are going to baulk and give up whenever the first obstacle pops up. I know because I used to be the same. When faced with a problem, I didn’t bother to find a solution – I just instantly took it as a sign that I should quit there and then.

Confident women don’t let a lack of resources stop them in their tracks. Instead, they find a way, no matter how futile things might appear. They know instinctively that anything is possible, and that you just need the confidence to carry on regardless.

They Aren’t Afraid Of Asking For Help

Confident women know they have weaknesses, and they also know that to turn them into strengths they have to ask for help occasionally.

Asking for help is in and of itself a strength, and it isn’t something people with low self-esteem find it easy to do. Why? It’s often because we’re afraid of being turned down or infringing on someone else’s time.

Confident people, though, know that to succeed you have to take chances.

They Don’t Make Comparisons

This is one of the most important tips on how to develop self confidence.

If you’re like I used to be, you’ll constantly be making comparisons between your own life and the life led by your friends. Perhaps you scroll up and down Facebook each day, examining photos and lamenting the fact that everyone looks better than you and live more amazing lives. And this probably gets you down.

It sure got me down. But confident girls don’t make comparisons at all because they know there is no need. They are not here to compete with anyone, especially their own friends. The idea that we’d be happier if we had what our friends have is absurd. Everyone is unique and has individual needs, and it’s now time to start focusing on yours.

Moreover, who’s to say your friends aren’t jealous of you and your life?!

Do you have other tips on how to develop self confidence?

Stay happy!

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