How To Cure Boredom? 10 Tips

Tired of being bored all day with nothing to do and feeling like you’re wasting your life? In this article we offer 10 tips so that you never have to feel bored again!

Being bored is such a horrible feeling. We’re like talking mind-numbing boredom, the kind you felt as a kid that caused you to annoy your parents until they bought you a brand new toy.

And being bored all day makes us feel really bad because we know we’ve wasted an entire day by being listless, unproductive and doing nothing.

But boredom is a funny thing. Are we really bored because there is nothing at all to do? Surely, in a world where there are so many things for us to do, this can’t be right!

But maybe we’re bored because there is nothing that amuses us in particular? These options open to us might amuse other people, but they bore the heck out of us.

Or maybe it’s that we’re bored by the same people, the same routine, the same things.

There are different reasons why different people are bored. But let’s just get straight to the point: You’re bored. And that’s all that matters. You need some help so that you’re never bored off your face ever again. Here are 10 tips:

Ask What’s Stopping You

Go on. Take a few moments to ask yourself what’s stopping you from doing what you want really want to do, or what really needs doing.

Sometimes, we end up bored because – for whatever reason – we can’t bring ourselves to do a certain something. We want to do it, or we know we need to do it, but we’ve somehow managed to associate more pain with making a start on it than we have with not doing it at all.

How did that happen?

Ask yourself. Because this is the root cause of procrastination: We put off doing something because we’ve associated more pain with doing it than with not doing it.

Until deadlines swing around, of course. At which point we take action, and start associating way more pain with not doing something than with not doing it.

There will be things you want or need to do, but which you aren’t doing. Maybe you want to go traveling for a week. But for whatever reason, you’re not doing it. Instead, you’re still stuck at home on the sofa, bored.

Find out what’s stopping you from taking action.

Make A Schedule

Boredom can sometimes ambush us. It springs a surprise on us because we didn’t realise there was such a big, gaping hole in our schedule.

To avoid such nasty surprises from now on, make a weekly schedule and fill in all the blanks.

Get Lost In A Book

Leave this boring world for a while and get lost in a book until things start to pick up again.

Set Some Goals

Without goals that excite you, it’s easy to get bored with life. It’s just another day doing the same stuff, with the same ends. Sometime the means are a little bit different, but the ends are always the same.


So set some goals that excite you! What are your passions and desires? What do want to do that will make your life more kick-ass?

Spend some time setting goals. Once you know what they are, and once you know that they’re achievable, you won’t be bored ever again until you meet them. At which point, it’s time to start setting some more goals!

Fill Up Waiting Time

When we’re waiting around for something or someone, such as a bus or a friend to pick us up, boredom just loves to strike.

Indeed, waiting is boredoms breeding ground.

To keep the gremlin at bay, use your waiting time wisely and productively. Read. Study. Learn. Complete chores. Don’t just hanging around sighing.

Give Up Alcohol

Bored of doing the same thing week-in, week-out? It’s monotonous, right?

The problem is that alcohol can sometimes trap us in this vicious cycle. This might sound a bit unusual, as alcohol is supposed to make things more fun, right? But hear us out.

For a lot of people, their normal routine is to return home from work and have a few drinks to ease the stress of another long day at work.

And the weekend arrives, they have more drinks.

But while alcohol can be fun, it can also numb our minds, slow us down, make us tired – and ultimately prevent us from working on exciting new side projects that could actually eradicate our boredom.

Try going a month without alcohol. Return home from work and use your time differently. Instead of reaching for a glass of wine, do something a bit more productive instead.

Eventually, you might find that a side project suddenly grows to become an important part of your life that consumes you, and eliminates boredom.

Do Those Tasks You’ve Been Putting Off

There will be tasks you’ve been putting off for a while. Now is the time to do them.

And once they’re done, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment quite unlike boredom!

Write About Your Day

Don’t write about how bored you are, but write about your day. Before you know it, you might find yourself unleashing your creative muse to the point where you get so excited about what you’re writing that a whole story starts to form.


Nothing refreshes your mind, invigorates you or boosts your sense of achievement quite like work and learning. Two different things. But if you’ve not got any work to do, it’s time to do some learning.

Learning nourishes your mind and can arm you with skills that will allow you to pursue new career options in the future that further reduces boredom.

In the meantime, if you can’t think of anything else to do right now, pop online, take a free course and get your learn on.

Learning is a high-value task that no one can feel bored while doing. It’s just not possible!

Call Up Old Friends

Bored of the same old faces? Get in touch with an old friend and see if they wanna catch up over a coffee.

Stay happy!

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