10 Reasons to ignore fear and start living your dreams

Many people have dreams, but most don’t ever follow them, because they are too afraid of what the consequences might be. They spend so much time thinking about why their dream won’t work, that they finally convince themselves that it can’t possibly work, so they never even try to make it work. More often than not, though, the fears that hold us back are greatly exaggerated in our own mind and the potential benefits of following our dreams far outweigh the risks. If you are longing to improve your life, but are being held back by fear, read these ten reasons why should ignore that fear and start living your dreams.

1. If you don’t, you will regret it

If you never do live your dreams, you will look back in years to come and regret it. Life should be more than just an existence; it should be an experience to relish and to enjoy. Human beings thrive on challenge and adventure and, without it, life becomes nothing more than a passing of the time.

2. Because you want to be happy

Life can be pretty dull and depressing without dreams. If you are dreaming about changing your life, it must be because you are unhappy with what you have now. If you start to take the steps towards achieving your dreams, even just trying will make you feel happier, because you will know that you are going somewhere.

3. You will feel like you have accomplished something

When you are living your dreams, you know that you have accomplished something really special. Whether your dream is to climb a mountain, or to write a book, the feeling of having achieved something in your life will live with you with forever and make you feel proud.

4. You will make everyone proud

Holding down a steady job and being a responsible adult is all well and good, but think about how proud your children and your parents will be when you live your dream. We do have to take our responsibilities seriously, but you can take that too far. You can be responsible and live your dreams and people will respect you for doing it.

5. Living your dreams will put you back in control

If all you do is do what other people think you should do, then you are never truly going to be in control of your own destiny. Following your dream gives you back that sense that you are in control of your own life again. This is your dream; it’s something that you will be doing just for you, because of you and just because you want to.

6. You will inspire other people

By following and living your dreams you will inspire other people to do the same. You will be able to lead the way, show people what can be done, and give them help and advice on how to do it. You will become a role model for people who know you and you might even inspire some people to achieve what they never thought possible.

7. You will feel more motivated

Living your dreams will re-energise your whole life. You will want to get up in the mornings again, because life won’t seem such a boring drudge anymore. You will feel this new energy in everything you do, because you know that you are achieving something that you always dreamed of doing. It’s a far better way to live than dragging yourself into work every day, just because you know that you have to.

8. You will learn so many new things

Living your dreams means that you will have to do things that you have never done before and you will have to learn new skills. You will also learn a lot about yourself too, as you challenge yourself in ways you never have before. This, in itself, will make you a more rounded and contented person.

9. Living your dreams will make you a much more interesting person

It will also make you a much more interesting person and give you many stories to tell. People will be envious that you had the courage to live your dream and that you made it work. They will want to know how, and why, you did it. You certainly won’t be stuck for something to talk about at parties again.

10. Because you only get one chance

The main reason that you should never be afraid to live your dream, is that you really do only get the one chance to do it. You can sit and gaze out the window, dreaming all your life or you can get on and do something about it. Instead of thinking about all the negatives, think about what living your dream would be like. Then, put your fears aside, and give it a go. What’s the worst that could happen?

Stay happy!

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