How to change your life for the better? 10 Small habits that will help

Making changes in your life for the better doesn’t have to mean making huge leaps forward, because, even the longest journeys begin with just one tiny step. Adopting a few simple habits could be your first tentative steps toward a new and better life, so read these ten life changing habits and it could be the start of something big!

1. Think positive

Our first tip on how to change your life for the better is to think positively. You’ve read this before and you’re thinking, yeah, yeah, think positive and everything will be alright. But that just proves that you are thinking negatively! You are right, positive thinking won’t instantly cure everything, but you have to start somewhere and this is a good place.

2. Focus

Make it a habit to focus on just one task at a time and you will get a lot more done. When you multitask, you might think you are getting more things done, but all those things will actually take longer and you won’t do them so well. Focus on one task at a time and you will achieve a lot more.

3. Promise yourself only to make a start

Make a deal with yourself, making at least a start on tasks that you have been putting off. When you get those days that you don’t feel like doing anything, you are likely to put off everything, because the thought of doing the whole task is too much. So, just promise yourself that you will make a start. It’s better than nothing and you will probably find that, once you’ve started, you will actually finish.

4. Prioritize and make lists

Another good tip on how to change your life for the better is to prioritize. Be honest with yourself and make a list of what really needs to get done to change your life. Don’t just cherry pick the fun things, look at what’s really important and list them down. Get those important things out of the way first and then have your fun.

5. Create a positive routine for yourself

Next step on how to change your life for the better is to set a structured day for yourself or, otherwise, you will find that you wander aimlessly from one task to another and, before you know, the day has gone by. Start with what time you will wake up and include what time you will start to work and what time you will finish. Structuring your day and sticking to it, will help you get things done.

6. Avoid conflict

Another suggestion on how to change your life for the better is to avoid conflict. Walk away from unnecessary conflict of any kind and you will have more time for positive things. Arguments not only waste your time, but they also leave you feeling in the wrong frame of mind for some time afterwards too. If someone annoys you, then walk away, it’s really not worth the effort.

7. Appraise your day, every day

Take stock of your day at the end of each and every one. Congratulate yourself on what you have learned and what you have achieved and take note of what you didn’t do so well. An honest appraisal of yourself will help you do better tomorrow.

8. Take control

Next good tip on how to change your life for the better is to take control. You can’t foresee everything that happens, but you can control how you react to events. Avoid the knee-jerk reaction and think things through before you act. Ask yourself what benefit you are personally going to gain from a situation before you make any rash decisions.

9. Live for the now

When you feel your mind wandering back to the past, put on the breaks fast! Dwelling on the past, both the good times and the bad, do nothing to help you now. Focus on being productive and happy today, that’s what really counts!

10. Believe in yourself

Remember that these tiny steps are just the beginning and have the faith that you can succeed. Positive thinking and self-belief are very powerful tools, but it may take some practice before you get there. All habits take some time to form, so start practicing today and develop some positive, life changing habits now.

Do you have some other motivational tips on how to change your life for the better?

Stay happy!

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