How To Boost Your Confidence Before A Job Interview

Although working a job itself is enough to add lots of stress to our lives, finding a job in the first place is even worse.

Worse still is the actual job interview. Nails are chewed right down the night before, our nerves are frayed, while occasionally we might have the odd meltdown in front of the mirror on the morning of the interview.

Finding a job that is right for us and which we know we can do takes time and effort, which is why it always feels like such an awesome relief when we finally get an interview. But as The Big Day quickly approaches, it can be easy to lose confidence.

“What if they don’t like me? What if I say all the wrong things?”

Confidence is a prerequisite for acing an interview and landing the job we want. It helps to set you apart from the competition, and improves your delivery and quality of answers. Here are 10 ways in which you can boost your self esteem before a job interview.

Don’t Overthink

When we fear something, we have a huge tendency to overthink about it. For example, I used to be scared of elevators and would never get in one because I kept picturing myself getting trapped inside for a whole week. I let my imagination run away with me and it stopped from getting in a lift.

If you picture your interview going badly before it’s even happened, you’re going to put your brain in an un-resourceful state. Basically, you’re going to make things a whole lot worse because you’re telling your brain that you can’t do this.

Live in the present moment and let what will be, will be.

Get Up Early

For you right now, a job interview is probably the most important gig of the year. You really need this, and as such you absolutely need to turn up in the right frame of mind.

And you certainly won’t be turning up in the right frame of mind if you wake up late, stumble down the stairs, cut your gums brushing your teeth and get your brush tangled in your hair.

The way we start our day has a HUGE impact on the rest of it. Start the day well, and the rest of your day will go smoothly. For this reason, it’s super important that you wake up early and give yourself enough time to get ready.

Getting up early means you don’t have to rush your coffee, shower, and so on. It means you can relax, take your time and prepare yourself mentally.

Sleep Well The Night Before

As well as waking up early, it’s also super important that you get a good night’s sleep. Nothing fills us with more confidence than waking up feeling fresh as a daisy, so it’s important that you resist invites to the bar with your friends and instead get underneath your sheets at a reasonable hour.

Dress To Impress

If we were dowdy, ill-fitting clothes that just don’t feel right, it will of course knock our confidence. The clothes, after all, make the man.

Get an A-game outfit bought in advance and wear it like you mean business. Don’t wear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable (such as those heels) but instead slip into something that makes you feel fabulous.

Be practical but be amazing.

Play Your Favourite Music

Rather than spend your morning rushing around the house, spilling coffee over yourself and tripping over your cat, why not blast some of your favourite, most uplifting music out of your speakers?

You can also listen to some great tunes on your journey to the building, too.

Listening to your favourite music instantly puts you in a resourceful state so that you’re ready to ace an interview. Athletes know the power of music, which is why they always listen to pumping beats before a big game.

Always Be Present

What we mean by this is that you need to ensure that you are always living in the present moment when you’re being interviewed, or waiting to be interviewed. Don’t let your mind wander to yesterday, last week or last year, and don’t think ahead to tomorrow. Remain in the present moment at all times so that the interviewer has got your full, undivided attention.

Practice Answering Questions Out Loud

Imagine strolling to an interview without a clue what questions are coming up. You might assume that all the other candidates are in the same boat and that it would be unfair to gain a competitive edge by taking a peek at the questions beforehand.

Wrong! So wrong. You can easily research common job interview questions online, while you should also do some research on the company, too. Then, you need to practice answering a series of questions at home so that you’re properly prepared for whatever comes at you. This will go some way to reducing anxiety and boosting your confidence.


Take a moment in the morning to smile at yourself in the mirror. This will help to reduce feelings of fear and low-self esteem while raising confidence.

Practice your best smile if you wish so that you’re prepared to greet the interviewee’s with a winning grin.

Remember The Compliments People Have Paid You

Whenever we’re feeling a bit low on confidence, it can be really easy to dwell on all the bad things that have happened to us – as well as the bad things people have said about us.

But rather than focusing on the negatives, why not think about the positives? Think of all the nice things people have said about you. Remind yourself of their compliments. Savour them, use them, and let them turn your frown upside down.

Maybe you were told you had a great smile or you’re a good communicator. Perhaps someone once told you they loved your hair or the way you asserted yourself.

Plan Your Route

You don’t want to wake up early, prepare like a boss, before turning up late because of traffic or a public transport mishap.

So what can you do to avoid this kind of disaster? You can plan your route so that you’re going to be on time for sure. You should also set off early.

Stay happy!

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