If You Start To Believe In Yourself, These 10 Things Will Happen

Some of us would have suffered with issues of self-belief when we were children, of course, but many of us would have been fearless, brave and ready to try anything. Young children have that kind of inimical self-belief that governs their experiences. They have imagination, personality, flaws, creativity, and little sense of failure, rejection, and sometimes even consequence!

As we get older, though, a lot of these qualities are suppressed by the world around us. We start to stress the little things, limit our imagination in case we’re called “weird”, and we develop a very sharp sense of failure and rejection. All this means that we lose some of that thrilling self-belief we had as a child.

Seeing the world through a child’s eyes is incredibly important if you want to get somewhere in life. You’ll be more curious, imaginative, creative, open – and you’ll have a lot of self-belief. Here are 10 things that will happen if you start believing in yourself again:

You Will Attract The Right Squad

Sometimes, our friends and family don’t say the right things to us. If we don’t believe in ourselves, it’s often because those closest to us don’t believe in us.

“I wouldn’t bother,” they tell you. “It sounds like too much hard work and you’ve got a lot to lose.”

It’s important to remember that our friends and family don’t always inject us with self-belief because they’re frightened that we’re going to outgrow them and move on. While this is not nice to hear, it’s certainly true.

Once you start believing in yourself more, you open your arms to new like-minded people who  are positive, energetic and want to do as well as you do.

You Can Be Yourself

How many times have you turned up to a networking event or a bar and stumbled over your heads, spilled a drink and not managed to get that guys number?

I’ve done it once or twice myself in the past. When you lack self-belief, you struggle to be yourself.

Not only do you get nervous around new people, but you find it hard to voice your own opinions. Instead, you agree with everyone else in the room and adopt their values and behaviours.

Having self-belief means you recognise and understand your morals and principles, and you’re also prepared to stand up for them.

You Will Make More Money

Money definitely isn’t everything, but while you don’t have to fall in love with those paper bills, you could fall in love with what they represent. For example, more money gives you even more confidence.

When you believe in yourself, you are far likelier to succeed at your job – or bag yourself a better job. If you’re a sales person, you’ll make more sales. If you’re a freelancer, you’ll impress more clients and land more freelance gigs.

People seek out those who are confident and believe in themselves. They want to work with those types of people.

You’ll Have More Energy

All the successful people in this world believe in themselves. What they also have in common is that they are crammed with energy. Watch any musician, artist, public speaker, entrepreneur and so on at work and you will notice how full of energy and vitality they are.

Watch videos of Elvis from the sixties and feed off his energy.

When you have more self-belief, you’ll feel this electric energy within you, too. When you are happier and more positive, your brain gets more oxygen and releases more happy hormones. You feel magnetic and ecstatic.

You Can Retort When Challenged

Without self-belief, it’s not easy to step up to the plate when someone challenges your view. You might shy away and say “Okay you win.”

But self-belief gives you the chance to answer back. It gives you the opportunity to stand up for your views and explain them articulately and rationally.

You’ll Inspire Others

It’s a great thing when you inspire other people to improve themselves. There are so many people out there without any confidence, and they all look up to people who believe in themselves.

If this is you, you can change someone’s entire life just by giving them a few tips. What you say to them could cue them to take action and turn their life around.

You’ll Sleep Better

When I lacked self-belief, I’d lie awake at night dwelling on all my rejections.

“Why didn’t that client get back to me?”

“Why don’t guys respond to me?”

When you believe in yourself, you don’t have to answer any of these questions at 2am. Instead, you can sleep soundly because you’ll be so exhausted after such an awesome day.

Believing in yourself de-clutters your mind of worry, which is essential for a good night’s rest.

You’ll Take On New Challenges

When you lack belief, you tend to shy away from new challenges. They’re too risk or too scary, you argue to yourself.

But although you can’t guarantee what the end result will be when you take on a new challenge, you know that at least the journey will be exciting. Moreover, you’ll get to learn new skills, meet new people, and maybe even change the course of your life. For the better, of course.

You’ll Be More Resilient

How many times have you stood by and let something happen that you knew was wrong because you didn’t believe in yourself enough to speak up?

Maybe your friend “made” you tag along doing something illegal and you found it hard to say No to them.

Or maybe you’ve seen your friend bully other people but you didn’t believe in yourself enough to tell them to stop.

When you have more self-belief, you have the power to say No to others, and you have the power to call other people out.

You’ll Be Happier

Finally, when you believe in yourself, you’ll feel happier. Everything I have covered above will lead to more personal happiness, from sleeping better to having more money.

You can’t be happy unless you actually like yourself. Once you start to believe in yourself, not only will you like who you are, but you will also feel content. You might even find inner peace and joy.

Stay beautiful!

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